Parc d'Activites Economique de Bizerte, Zone C, Bizerte 7000, Tunisia

Magic Yachts Sarl

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Parc d'Activites Economique de Bizerte, Zone C, Bizerte 7000, Tunisia


Magic Yachts Sarl has over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of sailboats and luxury motor yachts, utilising advanced superyacht refit technology. Based in the centre of the Mediterranean, it offers advanced shipyard services and solutions.

Specialising in refit, Magic Yachts Sarl has gained more than two decades of technological development and innovation. It offers experience in the manufacture of advanced composite moulds, moulded components and full-boat development; prepreg carbon fibre and vacuum infusion. Its capability is personified by the professionalism of its team, with added values related to vision, design and competitiveness. Magic Yachts has a team of qualified professionals specialising in all shipbuilding sectors, including:

Technical setup

Magic Yachts directly manages mechanical, hydraulic and electronic operations. Every building phase from preparation to replacement is carried out in-house due to the availability of a complete technical setup. Operations include the installation of canting keels and magic trims, hydraulic gangways and electro-hydraulic stairways. Backed by specialised skillsets, its team is able to manufacture steel and aluminum parts, including engine stands, bulkhead pass-through, taffrails, pulpits, bitts and more.

Fairing and varnishing

The shipyard boasts exceptional bodywork and varnishing. The varnishing cycle – primarily using Awlgrig/Alexseal – may be customised to fit the client’s requirements.

Carpentry and teak

Magic Yachts products are made of teak, assembled using vacuum bag lamination and high-quality materials.

Luxury interiors

Magic Yachts independently carries out the manufacture of customised luxury interiors and the modification of pre-existing structures through refit.

Customs parts

The shipyard performs ‘carbon look’ construction of batch and bespoke-produced parts and accessories, presenting a quality finish. For a highly capable shipyard in the centre of the Mediterranean, contact Magic Yachts Sarl today.

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Parc d'Activites Economique de Bizerte, Zone C, Bizerte 7000, Tunisia
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