All-Female eXXpedition en route to investigate the causes and solutions for ocean plastic pollution

eXXpedition is a community interest company and not-for-profit organisation founded in 2014 by Emily and Lucy Gilliam, who themselves are passionate sailors. It is pioneering the investigation of the causes of, and solutions to ocean plastic pollution.

In attempt to influence the way people think, feel and act towards pollution, EXXpedition use a global network of multidisciplined women to contribute towards world class scientific studies and explore solutions by using their incredible skillsets to intercept at all angles of the pollution problem.

At present, the focus of eXXpedition is to provide a more refined understanding of the plastic pollution issue, thus enabling individuals the ability to recognise potential solutions and policy changes at a global level.

In three years, from 2019 to 2021, ‘eXXpedition Round the World’ will be undergoing 30 voyage legs and covering over 38,000 miles. During the voyage, rotating crews will be exploring plastics and toxins in the ocean at four or five ocean gyres as well as the arctic. Currently, the project is on its way to Papeete, Tahiti, which will enable 300 women to go to sea as crew and experience the challenges the earth faces from the wrath of single-use plastics.

Later this year, Caroline Antlett, charter manager and broker at Northrop & Johnson, will be joining the 12th leg of the expedition as the vessel travels from Fiji to Vanautu. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, there is a fear of spreading the virus to other islands, so the next four legs; Tahiti to Cook Islands, to Tonga, then to Fiji and  Vanautu have been postponed. There will be official dates confirmed in the upcoming weeks.

Antlett, said, “Before we leave Fiji for Vanuatu, we will collaborate with local organisations to investigate plastic pollution on the island and provide insights into the issues it faces, in terms of the environmental impact and waste management. During the 600-nautical-mile journey to Vanuatu we will be carrying out our scientific research programme and engaging in discussions and workshops around solutions.”

Fiji is renowned for its abundant marine life, rainforests, lagoons and beaches, and will allow the team to recognise the environmental threats to the island, which will be a vital insight for the project.

Vanautu is a wonderful cluster of over 82 islands featuring narrow coastal plains that provide a powerful connection between islanders and the ocean. The eXXpedition team will work alongside the local organisations to raise awareness with the mission leader and ocean advocate, Sally Earthrowl.

After the voyage is complete, every guest crew member will return to their communities to report their findings, and offer potential solutions, to the threat of ocean plastics. These are the early stages of a more dedicated approach to environmentally friendly attitudes in the superyacht industry. The achievable actions identified by the eXXpedition team are welcomed in the hope of raising awareness within the industry, allowing people to be aware of the precautions and realistic changes that may need implementing in the near future.

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Source: Superyacht News


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