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Why should you invest in a new galley refit?

The galley is the heart and soul of a yacht. It takes a dedicated and motivated crew, as well as professional kitchen equipment, to satisfy the expectations of a discerning owner and their guests.

We firmly believe the galley is one of the most important workspaces on a yacht. Unfortunately, in our experience, we have seen too many ill-equipped and ill-designed galleys, meaning chefs and stewards are having to work in difficult conditions leading to an unhappy work environment. In our long-standing experience of planning and fitting superyacht galleys, we work together with the chefs and the crew to improve the quality and efficiency of a yacht. A new galley featuring an effective workspace not only increases the motivation of its crew, but it also increases the yacht’s value.

A complete refit or a partial exchange? We will create the right solution!

We have gained experience across almost 30 years of service on countless superyachts and mega yachts, making us the most experienced fitter in the industry. This knowhow allows us to set new standards. If you desire the exchange of a single device, we will do our best to incorporate the newest technology.

For example, an upgrade to a new induction stove, a combi-steamer or a new range hood usually leads to improper mounting dimensions, which makes expensive modifications to the galley’s furniture necessary. In most cases a complete galley refit with state-of-the-art technology is the best solution. Generally, galleys on mega yachts are individually planned and fitted on board.

Superyacht galley

Planning – where do you start?

Working together with the head chef and stewards, the basics for equipment and arrangement of devices – as well as design and workflow – are determined. Following this we include the captain and engineers to determine whether it’s technically feasible and within budget.

It is always our goal to create the best possible workspace within a given room. And of course, we adhere to the highest standards when it comes to hygiene.

For years we have been working with the leading manufacturers, ensuring we will be able to meet our client’s lofty expectations.

What happens after the refitting?

Our task is not complete with the planning and refitting of your galley. Post-project we take care of our client’s needs in any way we possibly can.

Our team provides maintenance services and supplies spare parts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter where you are in the world.

Professionalism, commitment and incredible flexibility makes Axel Selgrath an indispensable partner for shipyards, yacht agents, architects and the marine industry when it comes to refitting, furnishing or maintenance services for your luxury yacht’s galley.

About this expert

Axel Selgrath Galley Equipment provides a complete range of galley and kitchen equipment for all luxury yachts and superyachts worldwide. It manages each individual project from the initial design through to the installation and completion.

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