Best books for yacht crew to read

Although working on a luxury superyacht may look like a piece of cake, working as a yachtie is incredibly demanding, and the long working days can often be stressful and tiring. For many crew members, getting stuck into a good book can be a great way to spend their resting hours in order reduce stress and relax.

Yachting Pages provides a list of book recommendations for yacht crew for unwinding between shifts.

1. Yachting: A visual celebration of sailing past and present

Author: Olivier Le Carrer

This book gives crew an overview into the world of sailing and an insight into some of the most unique places in the yachting world. It talks about what drives sailors in races and regattas, the rise of fashion in yachting, important figures in the yachting industry, and even yachting’s portrayal in art and film. The author explores the essence of yachting, its values and its atmosphere. As a crew member said, “it has almost everything about yachting.”

2. The Superyacht Industry

Author: Marcela de Hern Royer

The Superyacht Industry

The Superyacht Industry has just landed, and it has everything you need to know from the basics to the future of yachting. It shines a light on the yachting industry in a fascinating way and is, at the same time, easy to follow. An entry level crew member admitted that this book is very useful for an aspiring yachtie.

3. Outrageous Yachts

Author: Jill Bobrow and Kenny Wooten

Outrageous Yachts

Outrageous Yacht spotlights super-fast, super-luxurious, and simply super-huge superyachts. It’s talks about the classic mega yachts such as Delphine and Christina O, whose decks could tell countless tales. Every yacht mentioned puts her own signature on the definition of outrageous. A crew member said, “This book not only provides yacht design inspiration, but it also makes you want to become a better yachtie.”

4. How to be a Popular Crew

Author: Dave Robson

How to be a Popular Crew

This book is full of ideas, suggestions and true stories to help you to join the elite of crew members - if you've got what it takes! It’s for aspiring crew who want to learn to sail and get into yachting, or those who are curious new yacht club members. The book explains how to get invited on board and how to get invited again. Its simple aim is to help you become a popular and valued yachtie in the yacht club. A crew member said after reading, “In this book you will find great tips and avoid future mistakes!”

5. The Insiders’ Guide to becoming a yacht stewardess: Confessions from my years afloat with the rich and famous

Author: Julie Perry

The Insiders’ Guide to becoming a yacht stewardess: Confessions from my years afloat with the rich and famous

This popular book is based on the author’s own work experience and interviews with industry experts and recruiters. The Insiders’ Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess delivers all the exclusive advice you need to get started and succeed according to personal experience. A superyacht stewardess said, “It’s the perfect book to end your day with, I read a few pages before sleep. You can find yourself in it! Totally recommend it!”

6. The Long Way

Author: Bernard Moitessier

The Long Way

This is a book based on Bernard Moitessier's own incredible story and his participation in the first Golden Globe Race - a solo, non-stop race. During seven months of racing, this amazing seafarer faced storms, depression, gear-failures, knockdowns, as well as other factors such as fatigue and loneliness. Then, nearing the finish, Moitessier pulled out of the race and sailed on for another three months before finally ending his journey in Tahiti. A superyacht’s captain said, “It’s the perfect adventurous book for every sailor!”

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