British eventing and superyacht beach bags...

Whether it's the Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trials, Wimbledon or just a quick trip from your superyacht to one of the beautiful islands near Tahiti, you ought to have your picnics and barbeques in style. Prosecco not included.

Superyacht Beach Bags founder Jenny-Lee Cecconi Watkins advises that this is ‘the one’ bag to take out of the boot of the car at a three-day British event or to carry off a tender from your superyacht.

With a heritage as a chief stew working on board superyachts and always at short notice, Jenny-Lee has been called upon to hurriedly put together a beachside picnic and barbecue extravaganza for super rich guests… the crew were always forgetting something and occasionally breaking or scratching super expensive yacht tableware.

Jenny-Lee told Yachting Pages how she began her inventory for luxury picnics, but many of the items selected have other uses on a superyacht and can’t sit waiting in a bag for the unannounced beach party or barbeque, and even then, some items might get left behind. She wanted a padded bag, specially made to hold all the delicate and beautiful items she wanted to take ashore, and pretty enough to be seen by guests enjoying their private picnics on special beaches.

Growing up in Antibes, living in the French Riviera ‘Cote d’Azur’ meant Jenny-Lee grew up around yachts and the ocean, so a career in yachting seemed to make perfect sense. Having spent the last seven years in the yachting industry travelling the Mediterranean, Mexico, the Caribbean and United States, crossing after crossing…  

“After working on boats for a few years and once I became chief stewardess, I began to dread these two little words: beach and barbeque. As all chief stewardess’ know, there comes a time on board when an owner or private charter guest decides ‘right now is a great time for a beach barbeque’… So that leaves you and your team little time to find and prepare everything!

“So I started thinking, it would be great to have everything you needed for the set up, together and ready to go… I began with a few ideas and drawings then I realised…this is a great idea!”

Jenny-Lee began reaching out to manufacturers to help her with a prototype.

With a manufacturing story that is similar to tell of the early James Dyson, reaching out to 68 companies in the USA, she eventually found Carol Dykes, owner of C-Worthy Corp who was prepared to prototype her unique bag concepts, the final designs came to fruition in time for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show in Florida October 2013.

Jenny-Lee’s designs are unique, a line of water resistant bags include three styles: one for cocktail parties with compartments for glasses and bottles for up to 21 guests, one for picnics with compartments for entree plates, dessert plates, bread and butter plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins (one size for 6-12 guests, one for 10-18 guests), and an insulated one for the chef’s pans of food to keep them level and covered.

“Each item has its own compartment so that if any of them are empty, you know you’ve forgotten something,” she said. “At the moment in the market you can only find some picnic bags for two, four or six guests, nothing for 12 guests or more.”

They also come stocked with upgraded melamine plates in several design options and polycarbonate glassware that is unbreakable, doesn’t cloud and is dishwasher safe. Those items are always available so if one piece gets damaged or lost, it can be replaced without having to buy an entire new set, another problem she said her bags help stews to solve.

With exciting plans for growth she is also marketing the bags not just to yacht stews but to wedding planners and caterers, too.

Maybe beach and three day event picnic-specific bags aren’t a new idea, but Jenny-Lee Cecconi Watkins has put her direct experience and passion to bring this product to life; and was born.

For more information, please visit Super Yacht Beach Bags.

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