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Presentation is key on board a yacht; whether it’s the presentation of the crew, the yacht's interior, the furnishings, or the flooring, the look, feel and style is paramount to the on-board experience and in reflecting the owner’s unique personality and tastes. It's never as important as in the dining room, however.

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Luxury Tableware

Contributing to the ambience and impressing the most prestigious and affluent guests, the tableware, flatware, glassware and decorative accessories, along with outstanding service standards, can really make or break a dinner party.

With the extensive range of brands and products available from the industry's leading suppliers, there's no excuse for sacrificing quality or not being adventurous with luxury dinnerware. Yachting Pages spoke to Harlequin London and VIP Projects about prestigious tableware brands, and methods for choosing an outstanding tableware supplier. 

Choosing a tableware and flatware supplier

When it comes to outfitting and stocking a superyacht for service, it often saves time to use one specialist that can help with both the yacht's interior outfitting, as well as the finer details, such as tableware and linen selection, bringing all these elements together and offering expertise and advice. 

Luxury Dining Table Set

There's a lot to think about when laying a superyacht table: Charger plates, side plates, wine glasses, water glasses, salt and pepper shakers, vases, cruets, candelabras, table linen, ashtrays, soup and salad bowls, not to mention all the different items of cutlery.

Sophie Burn, PR and marketing manager at Harlequin London explained, “It’s important to work with a company that you trust, and one that specialises in the yachting industry, because these will often understand the unique challenges that crew face on board.

"Accidents do happen and things do often get broken, suffer general wear and tear and need to be replaced constantly. Therefore it's important to choose a tableware supplier or curator that operates a no-minimum order policy and ships anywhere in the world, so you can be confident that no matter where your yacht is docked, you can receive that crystal glass to complete the set.

“Timing is also important. In any superyacht build or refit project, too often new crew members are brought in at the last moment, which we believe is a mistake as careful planning is needed not just for the stowage of tableware and linens, but also for the practicality of the china, crystal and silver tableware chosen.”

Read tips for setting the scene with your superyacht table.

Favourite luxury tableware brands

There are an array of luxury tableware brands that are well-known and loved within the superyacht industry, and collections preferred for their striking beauty and timeless design.

Hester Ninaber van Evben of VIP Projects described to us his two current favourite designs, CA D'ORO and Arts Decoratifs, which he believes work together for a beautiful dinner service.

CA D'ORO - The Golden House

"Timeless, minimalist, but nonetheless opulent, CA'DORO (pictured at the top of this article) sees the finest burnish gold refine pure black and white contrasts. The geometric interplay gives rise to classic stripes, squares, circles and other geometric patterns. Gothic architecture inspired the designer Michael Sieger, to include the form of the quatrefoil - a decorative element that bears an abstract resemblance to a flower.

"CA D'ORO is dedicated to all those who appreciate precious materials: The delicate band of gold is applied and burnished by hand to each and every one of the 35 pieces, and lends warmth to the otherwise understated décor. Although the plates, bowls, cups and tea accessories harmonise with each other, their patterns form exciting contrasts; especially when flat and tall products are combined. This dinner service unites the quality of handsome dishes with universal functionality.

"The diameters and dimensions of the individual pieces have been coordinated so they can be mixed and matched in a host of combinations and with a wall thickness of just two-and-a-half millimetres. We think this set can be beautifully combined with the 'Arts Decoratifs' prestigious line of flatware from Ercuis."

Arts Decoratifs

"To create this prestigious line of flatware, Ercuis has drawn on the most technically accomplished and sophisticated expertise available. The flatware is lacquered in extremely luminous colours, to match any dinner set, before being engraved with one of eight guilloché patterns. It is then silver or gold plated, varnished, and lastly assembled with great care in the silversmiths’ workshop."

Dining Table

Other popular superyacht tableware brands include:

Christofle: One of the world’s leading silverware manufacturers, Christofle offers a wide selection of 'haute orfevrerie' silverware, including cutlery and serving items (pictured above left). They also offer a spectacular range of holloware, china, porcelain, crystal and giftware. Christofle annually introduces new collections to its design portfolio.

Legle: Based in Limoges, France, Legle specialises in 32 shades of solid-coloured porcelain. 'Sous le Soleil' is one of their most popular dinner collections.

Meissen: Established in 1710, Meissen is Europe’s first porcelain manufacturer. Individually handmade, china and porcelain tableware, glassware and interior accessories are imbued with heritage, beauty and sensuousness. 

Saint-Louis: A French fine crystal manufacturer, Saint-Louis produces handmade products from glassware, vases and paperweights, to lighting and chandeliers.

Venini: Renowned for its art pieces, glass design and lighting solutions, each year Venini introduces two new collections to its range.

Zanetto: An Italian company, Zanetto provides beautiful silver serviceware (pictured above right), such as ice buckets, bowls, vases and a range of other decorative accessories.

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