Choosing social media channels for your marine business

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With Statista counting 2.46 billion social-media users worldwide in 2017, equating to 71% of all 3.58 billion internet users globally, your business really can’t afford not to be signed up to social media and posting regularly.

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Using social media as a business-marketing tool may be nothing new, but many small-to-medium enterprises still aren’t adopting best practices, or using the reach and influence of the many platforms to their full advantage; yachting and marine businesses included.

Why use social media in your marine marketing?

Social media helps to raise brand awareness

Social media is a great way to raise awareness of your business or brand and its innovative products, quality services and outstanding customer care. It provides a space to talk about your latest news and developments; to connect and learn from your followers; and to have fun, of course. Social media is a great way to target yachties and yacht crew on the move and get your name out there.

Social media allows you to build a loyal brand following

Although it’s a long-term strategy to build a social media following, it’s worthwhile to form a loyal fan base that is interested in hearing about your business and what it has to say. This engagement is crucial to building a larger following, and more importantly, to providing a source of traffic that isn’t reliant on traffic from 'organic' search via search engines.

Social media makes it easier for fans to connect

Social media offers a great way for ‘fans’ and potential leads to connect to your business and relate to your employees, who are working behind the scenes. Likewise, it’s a great way for businesses to be able to learn more about their followers and the type of content that they enjoy and engage with.

Top social media channels for marine businesses

Although everyone has their own favourite social platforms (and theories about which are the most relevant or effective), we find that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are among the most powerful for marine businesses, generally following the rule of quality over quantity: You'll want to target platforms which fit with your market's demographic to encourage sharing and engagement, rather than finding your following is made up of inactive bystanders.


Launched in 2004, Facebook is still one of the most popular social media platforms in terms of active accounts, with 2.13 billion monthly active users at the close of 2017. Yachting Pages’ crew survey data has shown that Facebook is particularly popular with yacht crew, who use the platform to connect with friends, family and fellow crew while out on the water – great if these are the customers your business is targeting.

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Besides offering an interactive place to connect and share business news and content, Facebook also has a wealth of different apps and connectivity features that make it easy to link to your brand’s other social media channels, saving precious time. The more you post, the more you will appear on your fan’s timelines meaning that your brand is constantly on their mind: It’s almost like an instant, interactive business newsletter.


With 330 million monthly active users as of 1st January 2018, Twitter isn't going anywhere almost ten years after its launch. It allows you to network and interact with your industry; to provide personal customer support; to share content; to promote events and competitions; and to raise brand awareness. Make the right friends, build relevant relationships and keep it fun and interesting.


With half of LinkedIn's 500 million worldwide users using the platform monthly, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. It offers the ideal place to share industry news and updates, and to start discussions with your industry peers. LinkedIn Pulse is particularly good for sharing such content.

Heidi Frith, founder of SPC Marine Marketing said, "Linkedin is essential for businesses who wish to establish themselves as a leader in their field and build their brand. For those wishing to sell their products and services business to business (B2B), it's vital to have a presence. Companies offering professional tools and training to enhance people's careers, such as training courses will almos certainly find their target audience here."

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As part of their plan for world-domination, the majority of internet-users are linked into Google+ in one way or another: Whether that’s through Google Mail, Google Analytics, YouTube etc. But, with around 2.2 billion users signed up to the platform, it’s been discovered that only around four to six million users (9%) actively post content when assessed in January 2015.

With so many people connected, it’s not worth ignoring this platform, but it can be hard to gain a following here. The main positive of this platform is the ability to link/associate all your online assets for SEO purposes, and to rank for relevant keywords and terms, so, the least you can do is set up a page, share some content with influencers with relevant hash tags, engage with specialist groups, and allow your followers to +1 you here and there. If you’re more advanced, you could look into using Google+ Hangouts for video chat, tours and demonstrations, instead of Skype.


Every social media user loves an image, and Instagram is a great way to share the sights you see as you see them, keeping your followers up to date on where you are and what you’re doing. Luckily, marine settings provide some great opportunities for spectacular photography, capturing the hearts, minds and imagination of followers. 

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Instagram requires great content, which in turn generates great engagement. It’s therefore a great way to build relationships with yacht crew through shared experiences and aspiring shore-side individuals alike: Try staging a photo or caption contest for increased engagement.


Again, Pinterest is a great route to the hearts and minds of followers of marine businesses, as marine settings and spectacular superyachts make for great graphic content that people love to like, share, save and aspire to. Unlike Instagram, it’s linkable, and it’s easily integrated with your other channels for easy sharing and increased multichannel engagement. It has great SEO benefits if done right: Simply organise boards and optimise tags and titles for improved rankings.


The marketing and branding benefits of using YouTube to promote your marine business are instantly recognisable: It’s a great place to share HD videos of the industry, your product and brand; you can talk customers through new tips and tricks; share user videos; put a face to your name; and, linked to Google, it has great SEO benefits.

Content shared on YouTube usually ranks quicker and easier than on other platforms, so you may notice an increase in traffic to your business website and linked social media channels. Label your videos correctly with relevant key terms, and remember; you can edit, annotate and embed to your heart’s content.

Five top tips for social media for businesses

1. Keep it current and follow-able

Are your website and social media profiles fully set up and optimised correctly? It’s important to ensure that they all link and provide an easy follow-able path from one another, so that they can easily be found by users and search engines alike. Set up widgets that are easily found and followed, and then ensure that your channels are fully complete with a business description. Keep your business details up to date, and keep posting regularly, or at least closely to your typical posting schedule as possible: Tools like Hootsuite or Buffer should help with scheduling.

2. Keep it relevant

If your marine business has been trading for a while, you should know a little about your users, clients and fans. With all the ‘noise’ on social media, it’s important to post content that is relevant and interesting to your followers to make sure they engage and do not unfollow your brand.

Creating successful content is going to be the most time-consuming aspect of your marketing activities and social media management, so make sure you post what counts: Show off what makes your business unique and worth buying into. Also allow your followers to generate content for you by promoting the best posts that you are tagged in.

3. Keep it personal

Not only can posts be personalised, with Follow Friday’s (#FF) for your new followers on Twitter and the Fan of the Week app on Facebook, but your interactions can also be more personal, responding to comments and questions, and hosting face-to-face video question time and tours.

For the social media marketer with a little extra time, it could be worth looking into employee advocacy as part of your marine marketing strategy.

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4. Keep it graphic

Research from shows that images are worth a million likes, with these typically being the most popular posts that are shared and engaged with the most often. When sharing images, remember as always to use targeted keywords, high-quality images, descriptive text and the correct sizing for your platform. It’s also a good idea to watermark your images or to give appropriate image credits, and to give permission for sharing where possible.

5. Keep it fun and friendly: The 80/20 rule

As a general rule, it’s best to keep your business social channels 80% fun and informative and 20% business and promotional – although this may be slewed to be a little more business on LinkedIn. This way, users will enjoy fun, interesting content and updates most of the time, then it’s likely that for the other 20% they won’t mind hearing a little about who you are and what you do.

Five ideas for shareable social media content

1. Competitions and sweepstakes: A great way to kick up a stir gathering new followers and interaction with existing fans.

2. Offers and rewards: Promote offers for discounts on your products and services or offer free gifts and rewards in exchange for likes and follows across your channels, for feedback and testimonials, or for social referrals.

3. Quizzes, polls and trivia: Offering the ‘fun’ aspect of your channels (especially on Friday’s) and increasing engagement and shares.

4. Check-in: If you travel the world with work, check in with your followers along the way. This also works if your business host’s events and parties as you could ask guests to check-in and share their photos and videos via social media using a hash tag that you created especially. This creates a great way to engage with them after the event, and to cultivate relationships.

5. Drop-in’s and behind-the-scenes insights: Host a drop-in hour for your clients and fans to meet you on Skype or at your Google+ Hangout, to talk to you about your brand, products or services - Just know that this could welcome both good and bad feedback, so be prepared! It could also be used as a way to show followers around the office or offer ‘A day in the life of…’ video tour.

For other marketing insights and tips, visit our marine-marketing guides. For assistance in managing your business's social media presence, contact us today and learn more about our specialist marketing services.

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