Cleaning hacks you never knew you needed to know

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With thanks to Eco Industry Cleaning Products S.L. and ENJO.

It’s that time again – full clean down on the yacht. Life on board can be tough sometimes, whether you're cleaning a small yacht or an entire 100m+ superyacht!

With help from Eco Industry Cleaning Products S.L. and ENJO, here’s some cleaning hacks you never knew you needed to know.


1. Tired of streaky glass on board? Grab yourself a coffee!

Well, coffee filters to be exact. Keep glass and mirrors on board sparkling clean with coffee filters, not paper towels or fancy powered glass cleaners. Avoid the streaks and splash out on good-quality coffee filters made from 100% virgin paper. They leave no streaks or lint – and they’re cheap.

Did you know coffee filters also make great polishers for digital devices like your phone, TV and laptop screen?

2. Vinegar – not just for your chips

Did you know vinegar and water is a great all-round cleaning product? Use undiluted or mixed with baking soda vinegar, it’s your new secret to get into the all nooks and crannies of any yacht.

It’s a great deodorizer for a musty bathroom, removes stains, unclogs drains, gets the floorboards sparkling clean and will disinfect any area.

3. Go Natural

With superyacht owners, guests and crew sharing a mutual love of the ocean, with ample respect and appreciation of the water and its sea life, sustainable cleaning has never been more important on board.

Whether you’re a stewardess who uses cleaning products all day or a captain on board, all crew should take the time to consider what’s in these products and the affects to the environment and themselves.

A lot of cleaning products are made up of a harsh cocktail of chemicals, which can be bad for your health – not to mention your guests’ health. In this day and age, more crew and guests are looking for greener solutions. And with eco-conscious companies like Eco Industry Cleaning Products S.L. and ENJO coming on board with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions (that actually work) it’s becoming easier, cheaper and more sustainable than ever before.

Everything we use to clean the interior will eventually end up in the ocean – think natural products!

4. Need to remove unwanted labels, stickers and glue off crystal glasses or dirt and grime from yacht toys?

Instead of risking damage or scratching the surface on board that luxury yacht, Eco Industry Cleaning Products S.L. offers recyclable plastic razor blades. The ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades comes in four different colours all designed for different types of surfaces from delicate use to industrial strength.

Why use metal razors when you can do it easier, quicker and cleaner!

5. Rags, rags and more rags

Always keep a handy rag on you at all times. As yacht crew you will constantly be “titivating” in and around guests to wipe down every fingerprint on the coffee table, every smudge on the glass. If a guest leaves a coffee ring next to their bed, you’ve got to be ready to wipe it down, if they flick on a light switch – you guessed it – you’re there with your trusty rag!

The thing with being crew is, even when you’re not officially “cleaning” you will always be cleaning.

Cleaning rags


6. Just use cold water

So, it’s not that simple but with clever brands like ENJO all you need is a little cold water to clean your yacht effectively while also protecting the environment and the health of crew.

With its innovative fibres that are 100x thinner than a strand of hair, these cloths are braided in such a way that it picks up the grease and dirt from micro gaps in the surface and contains it until it is washed in hot water.

ENJO is not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective due to the longevity of the products. It is healthier for guests and crew. Not to mention it is quick, easy and effective.

How long do they last? Each ENJO product features a label that tells you when it is time to buy a new cloth. You will need to grab another one of these eco-friendly products every two years or so. How cool is that?!

7. Don’t cry over spilled fuel

When refuelling for your next voyage it’s sometimes hard to avoid an accidental oil spill. As yachties, we don’t want to see unnecessary fuel left in our seas! If you have products such as Eco Industry Cleaning Products’ on board you can easily eliminate the oil on the surface of the water as well as begin to biodegrade the oil particles. Its products do not harm the sea or sea life and you might just save yourself a fine from the port authorities.

We’ve all been there but yachts that have had accidental spills in the sea can now successfully use this hack and save the embarrassment and fines AND be kinder to our seas.

Top tip

Know how to remove a red wine stain! Act quickly and remember to never to rub it in. Blot with a plain paper towel, grab some salt and sprinkle a heavy coating over the stain and let it sit. As soon as the salt turns red vacuum it up, and stain treat as normal.

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