Essential hair & beauty products for superyacht crew

Crew have a-million-and-one tasks to do on board a superyacht, and it’s safe to say that both time and space are something of a luxury not always afforded. So Yachting Pages has put together a guide for stewardesses with a few essentials for maintaining a fuss-free hair and beauty regime on board.

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Hassle-free hair for superyacht stews

The general rule of thumb for how to wear your hair as yacht crew is to keep it pulled back and tied up - especially if it’s particularly long. However, if you get bored of the standard ponytail there are a huge variety of hairstyle hacks online with easy-to-follow tutorials, whether that’s on Pinterest, YouTube, or specialised blogs.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our Eight Quick and Simple Hairstyles for Superyacht Stews, or check out our Hair & Beauty hacks Pinterest board.

Hair essentials to bring on board

Dry shampoo

When working on a superyacht, it’s safe to say you won’t always have time to give your hair that bit of TLC, which is where dry shampoo can be your best friend. A quick spray into the roots can not only refresh hair between washes, it can also give it a bit of volume ready for a night out after a long charter. Don’t rely on dry shampoo too often however, as overuse can lead to your scalp becoming dry.

A quick tip: Instead of just spraying dry shampoo into the roots as you’re getting ready, spray it on to your hair the night before so the shampoo will work into your hair while you sleep.

Bobby pins, grips and hair ties

While it may seem a bit of a no-brainer, it really can’t be stressed enough how many different styles you can create with these simple tools.

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Travel hairdryer

With little space to store your valuables on board, a hairdryer is not always considered a necessity, adding to that the fact that voltage will vary depending on where you are in the world. To make sure your hairdryer doesn’t just end up as a waste of space in your case, pick yourself up a dual-voltage travel hair dryer to bring on board.

Bother-free beauty

Another standard practice for yacht stewardesses is to keep makeup minimal and fresh-faced, but if you’ve got a bout of dry skin or a spot that just won’t disappear, achieving this look can be easier said than done. A plethora of lotions and potions might sometimes do the trick for you, but when it comes to keeping a realistic beauty regime on board, less is most definitely more.

Essentials – multi-use makeup

While crew are expected to keep makeup to a minimum, you can certainly still stick to the classics, and even adopt a few beauty hacks to get your makeup to go further. Get a head-start with these tips:

Eye, cheek and lip colour: A no-brainer multipurpose product, you can find them in a range of different shades, colours and finishes.

Lipstick as blusher: A known trick among makeup artists, if you don’t overdo it and blend to your heart’s content! Moisturising lipsticks tend to be easier to blend, or just mix your matte with some moisturiser to soften the colour.

Vaseline: The ultimate all-rounder, Vaseline can be everything from a lip balm and body moisturiser, to an eye cream and scar ointment!

Vitamins and natural substances

Vitamins are hugely important to contributing towards a healthy diet and beauty regime. For example, vitamin C & zinc not only help you to ward off any contagious crew colds, but zinc also contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, skin and nails. Another good example is Vitamin B, which helps to support your metabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue, useful after a long hard day on charter.

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Now of course, filling your suitcase with bottles and bottles of vitamins may take up a fair bit of room and weight, so before you board, read up on which vitamins might be most helpful for you, or alternatively, take a multi-vitamin to save on space.

Another useful alternative to stocking your suitcase with all manner of makeup and hair products, is to embrace Mother Nature and the natural substances around you.

DIY face masks

If you’ve got a bit of down time on board and fancy pampering yourself, why not indulge in a face mask? You don’t even have to look much further than the kitchen to treat your hair and body to some TLC; there are all kinds of ideas for masks using natural ingredients, from avocado and olive oil, to honey, lemon and yoghurt.

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