How to make a cabin feel like home

It is true that crew members spend a lot of months away from their homes and their loved ones. It is really important, therefore, for them to make their cabin on board feel like home, so they can relax and enjoy their leisure time and reduce the feeling of homesickness.

With this in mind, Yachting Pages has come up with 10 expert ways for crew members to decorate their cabins and make them feel more homely.

Digital photo frame or Polaroids

Woman hanging photographs on the wall

A selection of photos stuck on your cabin wall is a must for any crew member. Photos of loved ones, travelling, nights out and birthdays act as perfect reminders of happy times with those you hold dear in the outside world. Polaroids are a great option.

One stewardess told Yachting Pages that she has a digital frame in her cabin so she can have as many photos of her outside life as possible. As a result she feels closer to her loved ones and believes her cabin feels a lot more homely. Win, win.

Favourite personal decor items

Postcard being put into post box

Personal items, like scarves and postcards sent from friends and family, are really important to keep on board, especially when you’re travelling for a long time. A deckhand told us that these smaller, sentimental items are great things to keep in your cabin for those occasions when you crave connection with your dry-land life.


Candle in holder on bed

The smell of a candle can help you relax after a busy day of work. It ensures a relaxing atmosphere and ambience within the cabin – almost like you’re in a spa! It sets you up perfectly for a few chilled hours doing whatever you like to unwind. Maybe you could choose a candle that you have at home?

Of course, there is a fire risk associated with candles. It’s worth being very careful and seeking the relevant approval before lighting one on board.


Book and coffee

Reading a book enables your mind to wander away from your problems and the stress of your daily routine on board. So, having a couple of novels with you is always a sensible plan - and is in many ways reminiscent of relaxing on your favourite sofa on a Sunday morning.

To guarantee a good read, we would recommend bringing your favourite book from home. It will hold positive memories for you and avoids the risk of purchasing a new novel that you don’t end up enjoying.

Mood lights

Fairy lights in girl's hands

Some small lights around your cabin window or mirror is essential. It warms the atmosphere and adds a sense of style and personality to the cabin. They are relatively inexpensive to buy, so it’s a simple solution if you’re wanting to transform your cabin into something resembling a real room.

Pillows from home

Pillows on bed

Having a small pillow or cushion from home has two benefits: Not only can it add style to your cabin, but it's a welcome reminder of home whenever you go to sleep. If you don’t have a sentimental attachment to any pillows in particular, you can aleays pick one up on your travels to remind you of your favourite destination.

A blanket

Pile of blankets

Who doesn’t like a blanket? They can warm you in the cooler nights of winter but they have other benefits too. A second stewardess shared with us that she has a blanket that her best friend bought for her and as soon as she gets wrapped up in it and begins reading a book she feels like she is closer to her.

Waterproof speaker

Waterproof speaker in shower

A small speaker is a must for your cabin. You can listen to your favourite music (at an appropriate volume!) and sing as though you’re in a club with your friends! Whether you’re into Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa or Busted, you can listen to your go-to songs whenever you like.

Yachting Pages top tip: If your speaker is waterproof, you can take it with you when you shower. Everybody loves a shower sing-song.

A flower/plant

Small potted plant in hand

A beautiful flower pot can inject some much-needed colour into your cabin. It’s not necessary to have a high-maintenance flower that requires a lot of attention; a tiny one can brighten up the room and make you feel like you’re in your garden or on your balcony.

Coffee mug/cup

Mug of coffee

Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee, normally in our favourite mug/cup. With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to have it on board with you? As you perk yourself up with a cuppa, you could give yourself a smile too.

A chief officer on a superyacht told us that his sister bought him a coffee cup with an illustration of his dog on it, and he uses it all the time. “This is what I drink my coffee from every day as it reminds me of my family and my lovely dog.”

The likelihood is nobody else will have a mug quite like yours, so it will probably be a good conversation starter too.

Follow these 10 tips and your cabin will look a lot more personal and relaxing, making it a happier place for you to be. If you have any other tips that you think other crew members should know about, leave us a Facebook comment below.

For other crew advice articles, visit Crew Corner.

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