Karpaz Gate Marina announces ‘Back2Boating’ packages as North Cyprus opens its borders

Offered By Karpaz Gate Marina

Karpaz Gate Marina has announced special berthing packages to welcome boat owners to the spectacular shores of North Cyprus as the region opens its borders with new entry requirements for international visitors.

Effective from 3rd June, the travel criteria allow quarantine-free entry to North Cyprus from low-risk (green, orange and yellow) countries, with no test requirements for vaccinated visitors from the lowest risk areas. The status of each country will be updated on a weekly basis by the Ministry of Health and will be posted weekly on the Karpaz Gate Marina website. The lowest risk countries currently include Malta, Israel, New Zealand, Australia (Green), plus Norway, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Poland and Gibraltar (Yellow). Turkey, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Russia, UK and Lebanon are listed as Orange.

Offering the perfect berthing solution as a safe, hassle-free and peaceful home port for owners seeking to escape the crowds, award-winning Karpaz Gate Marina is introducing its ‘Back2Boating’ campaign to attract new clients and returning berth holders over the summer and beyond.

The special Back2Boating deals are available from June and include discounted annual packages, with options for a lift-out service for hull check and technical work or three months’ flexibility to sail elsewhere within the contract. There are also short-term deals for new clients, with the potential for an extended stay.

Liza Singer, managing director of Karpaz Gate Marina, said, “It has been a challenging year for everyone, with limited travel and many other restrictions. However, there is positive news regarding the vaccination program and the pandemic in the TRNC and clear travel guidance in place, so we are looking forward to welcoming boats once again and starting to see the buzz of excitement in the marina.

“It has already been seen over the past year that boating is the perfect activity during these times, as a safe way to enjoy the freedom of the ocean and spend time with friends and family. At Karpaz Gate Marina, we are committed to combine all that is required for safe and enjoyable travel - safe mooring, peace and quiet away from the crowds, natural surroundings, and also our full-service capabilities, technical service centre, hassle-free procedures and leisure amenities. More than ever before, North Cyprus is the perfect place to select as the next home base for your boat or to visit while cruising. We can’t wait to greet old friends and new visitors by sea to experience our special haven at Karpaz Gate Marina.”

Karpaz Gate Marina’s berthing services, Hemingway’s resto-bar, beach club and gym facilities, as well as its extensive technical department and dry dock, are now open in compliance with the local business and social COVID-19 guidelines.

This year, the marina marks a decade in operation and celebrates a significant milestone in the transformation of North Cyprus as an accessible cruising region for the yachting community. Winning five-star reviews from berth holders, the marina has built a strong reputation due to its unique and idyllic location, and immaculate berthing, technical and leisure facilities. The launch of the new Karpaz Gate Marina hotel, hammam and spa later this year is the latest development at the 5 Gold Anchor marina in North Cyprus, adding exceptional accommodation to its full-service capabilities.

The Karpaz Gate Marina Back2Boating packages, available from June 2021, are as follows:

Back2Boating Technical Package

Offering incredible value for money, this special deal for returning boat owners on an annual berth will allow a hull check with a discounted 2-hour lift-out or a discounted lift-out onto the dry dock for any maintenance or service work. Boat owners visiting Karpaz Gate Marina for the first time can opt for the same special travel lift discounts for any mooring period contract.

Back2Boating Easy Come, Easy Go Package

For boat owners looking for a safe, secure home base who wish to have some flexibility to sail further afield, this discounted Back2Boating ECEG package is the perfect solution. This unique deal allows up to an aggregate of 3 months’ sailing within an annual mooring contract term.

Back2Boating Newbie Package

This is a special opportunity for new boat owners discovering the charms of North Cyprus and Karpaz Gate Marina for the first time. Those owners are offered a month’s stay at a discounted price, during which time they are welcome to extend their package to any of the 6-month or annual packages.

The above packages are for Category 3 boats 9 metres (29.5 feet) and over. There are also special prices available for June for Category 1 and 2 boats.

For more information, visit Karpaz Gate Marina. For more news and yachting tips, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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