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Want to find out more about interior lifts and elevators aboard a superyacht? Yachting Pages looks into design considerations, trends and technicalities.

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on November 03, 2020
Ask The Expert: Lifts & Elevators
on November 03, 2020
An additional crew or owner’s lift obviously gives you the same benefits as a lift in a building, however in superyacht design the lift is not only a means of transport but also a real eye catcher. ... Read full article
by Yachting Pages on June 30, 2020
Getting to the bottom of yacht lifts & elevators
by Yachting Pages on June 30, 2020
Yacht lifts have been a must-have feature for many of today's superyacht owners, facilitating accessiblity and movement between decks, as well as serving as a stunning focal point and interior design feature. We look into the considerations for insta... Read full article
by Yachting Pages on June 12, 2020
The industry's most stunning superyacht lifts
by Yachting Pages on June 12, 2020
With superyachts becoming larger and larger, lifts are becoming more common on board to help guests and crew navigate their way around. Design statements in their own right, Yachting Pages looks at some of the world's stunning superyacht lifts.... Read full article

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