Making the most of your online advertising with Yachting Pages

As a small business owner or dedicated employee, you know that you’ll often find yourself too busy to really occupy yourself with the smaller details of your online advertising. However, we’re telling the truth when we say that those who engage really do get more bang for their buck!

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The good news is that, while you’re busy managing the day-to-day running of your business, we're here to help with your marine marketing. Here we cover how to make the most of your online advertising with us.

Great, you've joined us online!

As a new, returning or existing online advertiser, you’ll hopefully know a little about the features and benefits that come with your Super Showcase, Showcase, Mini Showcase, Featured Listing, Banner or Wallpaper advertisement by now. But, let us tell you in a little more detail...

A dedicated marketing contact

As a Super Showcase or Showcase advertiser, you’ll be allocated a web contact within the marketing team to help you with all aspects of your YP online advertising. He or she will populate and ‘optimise your listing’ to help you to reach your advertising goals, and work with you to get it how you like it.

The marketing team is also collectively on-hand to help increase the online exposure of your business as a Mini Showcase, Featured Listing, Banner or Wallpaper advertiser, across as well as in online search. This helps you to get closer to decision-makers and end-users within the marine industry.

Take advantage of our value-added services

To take advantage of all the value-added services that Yachting Pages offers, you should also try to regularly send us:

1. Superyacht news

Let us know what’s new with you! Not only do we love to hear about your successes, but we also love to let others know about it. The Yachting Pages’ Superyacht News page currently receives over 3,000 unique page views a month, so it really does pay to send us news that is current, objective and informative. Press releases must be at least 250 words long and include high-res images.

Published news will be linked to your Super Showcase, Showcase, Mini Showcase or Feated Listing, and it’s likely to be shared across Yachting Pages’ social media channels. It may also be included in our monthly newsletter with its 1,000+ industry subscribers, further increasing the exposure of your brand and its products and services. Furthermore, it may open doors for additional editorial opportunities if there is a particularly interesting angle.

If you need help in deciding what is newsworthy or need some tips on what goes into an effective press release or superyacht news story, visit our marine marketing services guide to press releases.

Please note: We can’t promise to use all news we receive, but we do promise to prioritise our online advertisers! Interesting stories with a solid angle are more likely to get covered, so ensure the piece is detailed, interesting, and above all objective.

Send your news and press releases to

2. Social media updates

If you have something to share that would be perfect for social media, let us know. We love to share superyacht videos and interesting infographics. Find us, follow us, tag us and engage with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Send your updates to or tag us in your posts @YachtingPages to ensure we see it.

3. Online business reviews

Everyone likes to see (and hear) good things about their business and the businesses that they may use in the future. As the world’s most comprehensive superyacht search engine, online business reviews are always welcomed at Yachting Pages.

We allow users the opportunity to leave their reviews and testimonials for all businesses listed online, and to search for reviewed businesses. Our reviews expert can help to upload and manage these on the behalf of our advertisers, adding to the outstanding reputation of your business online. Find out more about the power of online reviews.

Send your recent reviews and testimonials to, or ask your clients to leave you a review online.

4. Fresh content and updates

It’s a good idea to keep the content of your Super Showcase, Showcase, Mini Showcase or Featured Listing fresh and up-to-date throughout the year - not only for your potential customers but also for SEO purposes. Send us the information of your new products, services and locations to see the benefits.

You’re also able to liaise with the web team to update your images, videos and PDF brochure (max size is 2MB) in line with the growth of your business. Similarly, upon renewal, we encourage Banner advertisers to update their artwork to encourage more click-throughs.

Send your updates to your digital expert directly, or email

One more thing

Let your clients and potential customers know that you can be found on You can upload the Yachting Pages logo or review button to your website, newsletters, email footers and flyers, and you can even share an update with your social media following - don't forget to tag us so we can help you get the word out there!

As an established name within the yachting and marine industry, your future clients will be reassured of your industry expertise with your inclusion on, and can head over to your page to find out more.

Request your Yachting Pages logo or review button by emailing

Over to you!

We always like to hear your ideas and feedback, so if you have any further thoughts about how we can help your business reach the market, get in touch. Don’t forget to send us a review of our services also!

Send your feedback to

Good to know: More about your online advertising

Super Showcase, Showcase, Mini Showcase and Featured Listing business listings

The businesses listed on are sorted by relevancy but popularity can also affect the rankings, so the more you engage, the more likely it is that people will find and visit your page. Users can search by location, business name or keyword depending on what they are looking for.

What to prepare

Once you have paid for your online advertising, we typically visit your business website and source information and images to set up your Super Showcase, Showcase, Mini Showcase or Featured Listing. However, if you don’t have a website or want specific information to be displayed, please send your account manager or the web team:

  • Your business name, address, telephone number(s) and web address
  • Your business email address, or the email address of your preferred direct contact
  • Your short business summary of up to 250 characters
  • Your business description or overview, limited to 1,000 characters for Mini Showcase advertisers (not applicable to Featured Listings)
  • Your business logo in a high-quality (not applicable to Featured Listings)

Additionally, if you are a Super Showcase or Showcase advertiser, you can include up to eight supporting images, a hosted video, opening hours and a PDF or brochure (max. size is 2MB).

Banners and online display advertising

As a Yachting Pages’ display advertiser, you are able to create your own banner artwork, or our production team can create your artwork in-house on your behalf if required.

We recommend keeping copy short and to the point, including a strong call-to-action. All logos and images should be of high quality (72DPI at 100% size, RGB and preferably JPEG files).

Designing your own display advert:

If creating your own banner advertisement, we can advise on the best design and format to use, we recommend using multiple GIFs to create moving banners, which are more eye catching. Please send your final design in either GIF or JPEG format.

Bear in mind that we require:

  • High-quality logos and images: 72DPI, RGB images, where possible
  • A business tagline or concise copy
  • A call-to-action
  • Correctly sized artwork

Yachting Pages in-house design:

If there’s no one in your business that can create the artwork for your banner advertising, or you’d just prefer a helping hand, our production team can help to create the perfect display advertisement.

To do so, we need a simple brief and overview of your brand guidelines to get started. We ask for JPEG/JPG or GIF logos and JPEG/JPG images to create your advertisement, as well as a short tagline and strong call-to-action. We typically recommend an eye-catching GIF advertisement where possible as these really help to showcase your products and services, and work to capture the eye of online users.

Multi-channel yacht marketing packages

As with all advertising, it’s ideally best to adopt a complementary multi-channel approach to target clients within the superyacht industry, combining print, online and direct marketing.

For other marketing insights and tips, visit our marine-marketing guides. For assistance in making the most of your online advertising, contact us today. You can also learn more about our other specialist marketing services.

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