MB '92 Doubles Current Facilities

Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92), is proud to reveal that it has obtained a new concession for the next 30 years within the Port of Barcelona. MB'92, a company dedicated to the Superyacht Refit & Maintenance industry for the last 19 years, is extending its current facilities from 36,000 m to an area of 76,000 m. The new facilities will enable MB’92 to provide an integral and more complete service to the expanding Superyacht market.

MB’92 has been working on this new project since 2004, when the company realised that it was necessary to act on the continuing trend of increasing volume and length within yacht production. The result of this planning was the launch of the new paint shed extension in 2007 with the capacity for vessels of up to 125 metres, and in December 2010, the signature of the new concession to extend the current facilities to 76,000m.
To upgrade the new facilities, MB’92 has planned an investment of €46,5 million in a site expansion over the next three years. The project will develop over two stages.
The first stage will include the reconstruction of buildings into offices, workshops and store-space. Plus, the conditioning and repair of the additional dock space – for six yachts with lengths up to 200 metres - to allow for shore-power and grey & black-water connections. Also, MB’92 will maintain and modify the existing dry dock for vessels up to 210 metres, which will be covered and adapted to work with Superyachts.
During the second stage, a new Syncrolift® will be built with a lifting capacity of 4,000 tons, including a hard-standing area to allocate five yachts with lengths up to 105 metres (each) simultaneously. MB’92 expects to complete the transformation within the next three years. After this period, MB’92 will become the largest facility in the world solely dedicated to Superyachts and will have:
Mooring area of 40,000m
18000m for offices, workshops and storage space
Full exclusive yacht services
Total facilities land area of 76000m

Dry dock
An existing 210 metre dry dock system, which will be covered and adapted to work with superyachts and megayachts.
4,000 ton Syncrolift®
This new dry dock system will be operational in 2013 and will be able to accommodate five yachts simultaneously, with lengths up to 105 metres.
2,000 ton Syncrolift®
A dry dock system with sufficient capacity for up to seven yachts measuring up to a length of 80 metres each
Travelift - 150 ton
With the capacity to dock yachts up to 35 metres in length and located in the dry working area of 15,600 m2.

Under cover facilities
Paint shed
A floating and covered paint shed with the capacity to accommodate vessels of up to 125 metres in length.
Docking repair areas
Repair basin
A new afloat docking repair area with capacity for six yachts up to 200 metres in length.
Docking quays
Docking repair quays with the capacity to berth 8 yachts up to 110 metres in length.
Increase in labour
MB92 currently has 82 employees on their payroll and subcontracts work to more than 460 tradesmen, engineers and specialists from local workshops and subcontracted services during low season (Summer months), which may reach 750 during high season.
With the launch of the new facilities, we expect that once the shipyard reaches its full capacity, another 35 staff will be added to MB92´s payroll. For the subcontractors, we foresee a significant increase to possibly double the current amount.
Environmental improvements
With the expansion, MB’92 is facing strategic challenges in the Port of Barcelona and will therefore implement and comply with all the latest trends, developments and environmental objectives set by IMO for the new facilities and all necessary work operations.
MB'92 is currently certified by Lloyd's Register Group for quality ISO 9001 and environment ISO 14001 in the Superyachts refit, repair and maintenance, for the development of a Quality and Environment Management Integral Policy that complies with all the requirements set forth by such rules.

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