Setting your superyacht party scene with entertainment & AV

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Planning an event aboard a superyacht is no easy task. Aside from the general party planning and ensuring all your guests are in attendance, there are other smaller marine entertainment details that also need to be addressed.

In a world of luxury and extravagance, superyacht parties are up there with the best. But what would a party be without lights and music?

Superyacht with lights at night

The importance of entertainment and AV systems during a superyacht party

In terms of yacht entertainment and AV systems, the limit will almost stretch as far as your imagination will go. There is little that can’t be created using marine equipment such as flat screens, videowalls and projectors. Whether you’re opting for a relaxed outdoor cinema screening surrounded by the calming ocean, or you want to turn your yacht cinema screen into a karaoke machine; there’s always a way!

Things to consider when hosting a superyacht party

Superyacht entertainment and AV specialist VBH outlined one of the challenges that you may need to consider when planning a superyacht party: the limited amount of space versus the party experience you’re intending to create.

During the party planning process there are a few key choices to be made:

  • Do you have the kit on board or do you want to easily set up rented kit? If you go for rented kit, you need the right connection points in the right places
  • If you bring your own kit, you have to decide on whether it should be permanently integrated or only set up when there is a party
  • Also, you need to make clever use of the equipment readily available on the yacht. If you incorporate these into the party, the overall effect will be bigger

Superyacht entertainment and AV system

Lights and special effects

Lighting may not seem like one of the most essential factors to consider whilst planning a party, but it certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. The atmosphere that can be created with the right lighting is huge. By controlling all lights aboard the yacht, you can literally turn the entire vessel into a giant disco!

360-degree video walls are becoming increasingly popular (video walls in the floor, walls and ceiling), as it provides an immersive and absorbing experience for all those present at the party.

Eligroup outlined a range of different marine products that can be used to create the best possible atmosphere on board:

  • 3D fireplaces - this amazing superyacht audio-visual special effect enables you to experience the next best thing to a real on-board fire display. It creates the fire effect by combining virtual layers with billowing fabric that mimics a flickering flame. It is equipped with built-in marine speakers for custom sound
  • Waterfalls – this remains one of the best superyacht audio-visual special effects in existence. Tranquillity is key to this wall of flowing water that also allows light to filter through the glass
  • Walk on water - this stone pathway on board is made up of river pebbles placed under illuminated plate glass. With each step, you feel as though you’re walking on water

Marine audio systems

Music: The key to a good party. Whether you’re planning to hire a top DJ or have your own playlist on shuffle, a good quality sound system is a yacht party essential.

Eligroup gave us some insight into a couple of yacht sound systems on the market:

  • Devialet Gold Phantom - a whopping 4,500W of power translates into a sound pressure level of 108dB/m, which is roughly equivalent to an average private jet! While less portable than its counterparts at 11.4kg, what it adds in weight it makes up for in style with a striking curved design and 22-karat-gold-plated covers. You can also link up to 24 Gold Phantoms together and control them via your phone for unrivalled surround sound
  • Master & Dynamic - the first speaker from luxe headphone specialist Master & Dynamic. Constructed in a concrete composite that promises advanced acoustic benefits, the speaker is fitted with top-of-the-line components and a Chromecast for multi-room link up


Purchasing, installing and maintaining yacht entertainment and AV equipment

The first and most fundamental concept to appreciate in regards to building a hi-fi system, according to Eligroup, is that the signal path of your system is ultimately, and always will be, a flow of electrons. The quality of your electricity and the purity of its path can play a significant part in the overall way your music sounds. For this reason, there are two components that deserve special attention, because their value is sometimes overlooked:

The wall outlet

The first stage in the path of your signal chain is when the electricity leaves your wall outlet and enters your power conditioner. Most installations utilise electrical outlets that, while sufficient for the vast majority of consumer electronics, are not optimised for the intricacies, nuances and demands of presenting audiophile-grade sound. A first step you might want to consider, which can have a profound impact on the overall quality and character of your sound, is to upgrade the electrical outlet in your superyacht that will feed the power conditioner. A good product for this purpose is the Furman MIW 2-Outlet Faceplate, and the installation of this outlet should be completed by a licensed electrician.


The quality of the overall sound will depend upon the integrity of the overall signal chain. This is especially true of the power and interconnecting cables, which play as important a role in preserving and presenting the fidelity of the music as the components they connect.

Let your imagination run wild, team up with an AV expert and commence the planning for your next superyacht party. As well as deliberating on the best location, guestlist and party theme, utilising state-of-the-art sound systems and exhilarating entertainment equipment will blow your yacht party out of the water!

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