S.O.S Bottle Project announced by Yachting Pages, in partnership with BLUE and Octo Marine

Yachting Pages Media Group, in collaboration with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) and Octo Marine, is launching ‘Save Our Seas (S.O.S) Bottle Project’, a campaign designed to help the fight against plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

The new initiative seeks to unite the superyacht industry in a bid to help reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles entering our oceans, and ultimately help prevent further damage from being inflicted on our fragile marine eco-systems.

It takes roughly 500 years for a plastic bottle to degrade and statistics state that by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish*. Approximately 8 million individual pieces of marine litter enter the sea every day**, with more than 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals dying annually from plastic debris***.

                                         bottle project

Officially launching in July, ‘S.O.S Bottle Project’ will see reusable aluminium drink bottles distributed to 5,000 superyachts across France, Italy and Spain, with an additional 5,000 bottles available on request. Each bottle, which will be distributed in Yachting Pages Delivers’ (YPD) 100% recyclable YPD bags – made from recycled plastic bottles – will contain an urgent message inside, encouraging the entire superyacht industry to act now by collectively ending the use of plastic bottles aboard superyachts.

To support the ‘S.O.S Bottle Project’ message, each of the YPD bags will also include BLUE’s 2018 Review, outlining its incredible worldwide conservation wins and latest developments in innovative fisheries management, and Octo Marine’s latest brochure, which is equipped with forward-thinking water solutions.

The ‘S.O.S Bottle Project’ message will encourage yacht crew members, captains and owners to complete four simple steps in order to help ‘Save Our Seas’:

1. Donate to Blue Marine Foundation

2. Once donated, request additional FREE reusable water bottles from Yachting Pages by emailing bottles@yachtingpages.com

3. Contact Octo Marine by emailing info@octomarine.net or by visiting its website, and enquire about a drinking water system

4. Stop buying single use plastic bottles

Steve Crowe, CEO and founder of Yachting Pages, commented, “Yachting Pages is proud to be working alongside BLUE and Octo Marine, both of whom are on the front line of implementing sustainable practices to protect our oceans and marine habitats. We would also like to extend our thanks to long-time partner Lürssen for their support in the creation of the S.O.S bottles and YPD bags.

“The S.O.S Bottle Project encourages the yachting industry to support its marine environment and seize this opportunity to make a real difference.”

The ‘S.O.S Bottle Project’ will officially launch on Monday 8th July during our Yachting Pages Delivers trip across the French Riviera.

For bottle delivery information and to view our terms and conditions, please visit 'Save Our Seas Bottle Project'.

Follow #SOSBOTTLE on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram throughout 2019 to support this environmental movement.

*Ellen MacArthur / The Guardian, More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, says Ellen MacArthur

**OSPAR & UNEP, Marine Litter: Preventing a Sea of Plastic, 2009

***UNESCO, Facts and Figures on Marine Pollution, 2014


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