Superyacht internet access is 'better than ever' says survey

Internet access aboard superyachts is now better than ever according to new research by Yachting Pages, the world’s leading superyacht directory.


The Yachting Pages team spoke to captains and senior crew from 200 superyachts moored along the French Riviera and in San Remo, Italy. Its findings included that more captains and crew are searching for superyacht suppliers or services online.


Out of the 200 industry professionals surveyed, 70% were captains, first mates or pursers.


The survey’s most significant findings related to internet access aboard superyachts.


85% of the interviewees rated internet access aboard their yachts as either “good”, “very good” or “OK”. Just 15% of those surveyed said their boat had “poor” internet access. Thanks to these improvements in internet access aboard superyachts, more captains and senior crew are now using the web to find superyacht businesses and services.


“The captains and crew we spoke to along the French Riviera and in Italy, said their onboard internet access is now better than ever,” said Steve Crowe, managing director of Yachting Pages. “This is great news for Yachting Pages and perfect timing with the recent launch of our new website,”



A significant 94% of those surveyed said they would use the new website this season, suggesting that the internet will continue to grow in popularity as a resource for captains and senior crew. Most interviewees found “simple to use” and liked that it is constantly updated.


An impressive 52% of those interviewed already search online for suppliers and services.


Internet connectivity at ports and marinas was highlighted as an issue, with many of the interviewed captains and crew expressing problems with internet access while at port.


“New marinas created in the past decade know how important the internet has become and have good facilities,” Ignacio Erroz Erburu, general manager of Barcelona’s Vilanova Grand Marina, told Yachting Pages.


“Older harbours are not always set-up to provide good internet access. Harbours founded 30 or 40 years ago did not know about the internet – or even that boats 50m to 60m in length would one day exist.”


However, new technologies are steadily evolving to help improve internet access at ports and marinas.


Possible methods include wireless antennas, wireless hotspots or mobile 3G/4G Internet options. High-gain antennas can boost wi-fi signals aboard moored yachts.


Meanwhile, some marinas are satisfied that they can already meet demands for internet access. “In Barcelona we offer a good internet service, people are very happy with the access here. We can offer it for free – it is used by many crewmembers,” commented Mr Erroz Erburu.


Yachting Pages’ survey also found that 98% of captains and crew had a copy of Yachting Pages aboard their boat and 57% of them were hand delivered. 85% of captains and crew use the book regularly (including 44% monthly, 28% weekly, 9% fortnightly and 4% daily) and 98% said they find it easy to use.


While internet access aboard superyachts is getting better each year, the survey also shows that captains and senior crew still value their Yachting Pages book. The new Yachting Pages directory has recently been published and distribution of the 60,000 books is well underway.

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