Top 10 most extravagant luxury car features

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A superyacht allows you to traverse the seas with the highest levels of style and sophistication and with enough modern amenities on board to make it a permanent home, if you so wished.

That said, life at sea – regardless of the levels of luxury available – does have its limitations and restrictions when it comes to living day-to-day life. So, how does one maintain the luxurious lifestyle of travelling on a superyacht whilst on the road? By choosing a luxury vehicle with a plethora of opulent amenities of course!

Yachting Pages is here to offer some inspiration for shoreside travel with our top-ten list of the most extravagant features of luxury and high-end motor vehicles.

10. Tesla's infotainment system

Tesla has taken the motor-vehicle industry by storm with its range of ultra-modern electric cars, and it goes without saying that its infotainment system is also up there with the best. Its 17-inch touch screen display is the perfect centre-piece for this impressive car. The software is constantly being updated and offers an array of exciting features, such as self-driving, autopilot and cruise control, climate control, keyless entry and even theatre and game options – you can even watch Netflix when you are parked. .

If you own one of the older Tesla models then have no fear, you can still upgrade your infotainment system to experience all of the newer features for just $2,400 (€2,000), now that is what you call a luxury car feature. 

9. Mercedes' silver-plated champagne flutes and massage programmes

The Mercedes-Maybach S Class First Class series boasts two options for its rear seats. On offer is the traditional bench-type three rear seats (in typically luxurious fashion), or as an alternative, you can opt for two individual seats that are split by a console that conceals two fold-out tables, a fridge, and two silver-plated champagne flutes that even have their own holders to grip the bases and prevent spillage.

These champagne flutes are made by German silver specialists and shipyard, Robbe and Berking. As a leading supplier of silver cutlery and tableware for superyachts, these flutes provide a luxurious experience both at sea and on the road.

That isn’t all, every Maybach S Class vehicle comes with massage programmes built into the seats as standard – now that’s impressive!

8. Aston Martin Transponder watch

It’s not uncommon in this day and age for cars to be locked and unlocked with keyless technology. However, nothing says impressive like interacting with your vehicle through your very own designer watch.

Aston Martin got one step ahead of the curve in 2006 when, partnered with Jaeger-LeCoultre, it released its first outstanding AMVOX watch.

The most recent of the collection, the AMVOX 2 Transponder, is a high-end luxury watch with an electronic transponder that can lock and unlock the doors of every Aston Martin model.

Aston Martin announced in 2016 that Richard Mille would be taking over as its new watch partner.

7. Mercedes Maybach's granite trim

The interior of the yacht is one of the most important things to consider and it’s no different with cars. The character of a vehicle is shaped by not only the exterior, but the interior design as well, so it’s no surprise that people are willing to spend a bit of extra money on premium materials and flashy features.

Those worried that a more regularly used material for their Maybach won’t be quite up to scratch can opt for luxury granite trimmings.

Outfitting your Maybach with the ‘basic package’ granite trimmings will set you back a cool $60,000 (€50,400). There’s also a ‘luxury package’ of which the price is not publicly disclosed – you will have to use your imagination for this one!

6. Bang & Olufsen pop-up tweeters

As far as upgrades go, in-car sound systems are something almost everyone can appreciate and enjoy, so it’s no surprise that people are willing to spend a bit of extra money for something impressive.

Cars, and the amount of time we spend in them by ourselves commuting, or on long journeys, make for excellent places to listen to music without distraction. What better to accompany you on your journey than a Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System with pop-up tweeters in the dash of your new Aston Martin?

Clearly targeted at the serious audiophile, these directional tweeters offer a ‘world-class’ musical experience, and they conveniently retreat into the dashboard when not in use – all for an additional $6,300 (€5,300).

5. Mercedes scent system

When you have a larger-than-average budget, clip-on vent air fresheners simply won't do. Available on select Mercedes vehicles, its Air Balance package ensures the fragrance of the interior matches your mood and preference.

This impressive system can clean the air in the vehicle whilst releasing one of four fragrant aromas. The scents are stored in glass vials that can be electronically controlled to re-fragrance your vehicle to a set schedule and strength.

Each scent vial runs at about $53 (€45) and lasts around a year. So if you want the power of switching up the scent in your vehicle whenever you please, you’re going to want to get your hands on this exceptional package.

4. Bentley's rotating dashboard

Is a standard dashboard not exciting enough for you? If so, Bentley’s rotating dashboard might be just what you’re looking for, available in the new Flying Spur and the Continental GT. Boasting 150 parts and two motors, this dashboard can rotate between three options, all from the click of one button. This centre-piece has a high-resolution 12.3-inch touchscreen display and took more than three years to develop – so we just know it’s going be impressive. Designed to work as smoothly as a modern mobile phone, this luxury add-on is said to cost around $6,500 (€5,500), but we think it’s totally worth it.

3. BMW's 'Gentleman Function'

Much to our dissapointment, the ‘Gentleman Function’ found on certain BMWs does not turn your car into something that can be found in a James Bond movie. Instead, it merely allows the driver to electronically adjust the passenger seats prior to the companion’s arrival. Gone are the days of fiddling around under your seat to make some leg room adjustments.

2. Bentley’s bespoke mechanical clock

Fancy yourself one of the world’s most expensive dashboard clocks? If so, look no further than a bespoke mechanical Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling clock for your Bentley Bentayga.

With a high-precision winding mechanism, this clock is available in solid white or rose gold and is decorated with eight diamond indexes. When released, this extraordinary feature would set you back a whopping $208,800 (€176,000). In fact, the price of the car itself isn’t much more. Although your Bentayga may come with the standard Breitling dash chronometer as the standard, you can’t help but be tempted by this incredible instrument.

You’re doubling the cost of this car by adding a clock. That, my friends, is what you call luxury.

1. Rolls Royce’s starlight roof

Rolls Royce's starlight roof

Fantasising a lavish evening looking up at the stars with your other half? Unable to travel anywhere without blanket cloud cover? Well, Rolls Royce has got you covered. This extraordinary feature is the result of an inner roof liner that can be customised with fibre optic lights to recreate a night sky.

If you want to be constantly reminded of a special evening, you have the option to pay extra for the ‘stars’ to be arranged to replicate the night sky on a particular date. I don’t know about you, but this is a luxury car feature we could get used to.

Mohamed Zouikri, manager of Ruby Services has 20 years's experience working in the luxury car-hire industry and has a deep understanding of the evolution of luxury features in limousines and high-end cars. "As well as luxury, sometimes luxury cars need to provide security,” he said. “We have a client who, when he comes to Cannes, requires an armoured car. Fortunately, I am qualified to drive a security vehicle and have had experience with high-security convoys, so we provided him with the Mercedes S600 Guard, which I brought down from Paris.

"Driving it is a completely different experience as it's so heavy and the handling feels unusual, but it provides him with complete peace of mind. So, another happy client! I was, however, a little taken aback when another of our clients asked me to find a pink Rolls Royce for an evening in Monaco. A Rolls Royce we can of course provide, but pink? At short notice that can prove very difficult!

"We're used to providing branding on some of our vehicles for events or advertising purposes, and these days the technology for car wrapping has advanced greatly. I asked our car-wrap providers to prepare plain pink for the Rolls and voila! The client was delighted."

Inspired to book a chauffeur-driven car the next time you need to head somewhere in-land? Search for Limousine & Car Hire specialists in the Yachting Pages directory. Alternatively, you can read about other luxury items in our Luxury Goods content library.

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