Top yachting groups and blogs to follow

At Yachting Pages, we often go in search of interesting new tricks, tips and advice to help crew in their everyday yachting lives. And what we’ve found is a handful of expert people and communities (often ex-crew) that offer golden nuggets of information to make life on board that little bit easier.

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Relevance is important to us, so one of the metrics we use to ensure someone made it on to our list is the number of engagements, which basically means if you ask a question in one of these groups or to a particular person, we’re pretty sure you’ll get an answer back from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Here are Yachting Pages’ top crew communities to follow. We enjoy their expertise and advice and think you will too.

Yacht Stewardess Tips – Facebook group

This group is great for handy household, general job tips, laundry, table settings and other useful advice for yacht stewardesses and stewards. They actively encourage you to share your winning ideas or ask for advice, so crew can all help each other!

Created by Isobel Odendaal after working in the yacht industry as a chief stew and purser for over 10 years, and going on to start a training school called Super Yachting South Africa. She is well equipped to help crew of any experience level. It is well monitored and there is no salesy content, so a useful resource to seek genuine and objective feedback.

The CrewCircle – Facebook group and blog

With over 21,000 members, this is a large community for crew to be a part of. Its main selling point is that it frequently gets jobs posted on its news feed. Be sure to bookmark this group if you ever find yourself between yachts.

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The Yacht Stew - Blog and training courses

Created in 2016, The Yacht Stew is an excellent resource for stewards and stewardesses, offering tips, podcasts and training. Having worked her way up from junior stew to chief stewardess, founder Gemma knows the ins and outs of the yachting industry. Popular blog posts include James Bond dinner arrangements and advice on transitioning to chief stew.

The Yacht Stew also offers accredited online training courses if you’re looking to advance in your skills. We also have to mention the very aesthetically pleasing Instagram account with over 15,000 followers!

Yacht Engineers – Facebook group

Another porthole to chat through! This group is all about machinery. With a high engagement rate due to its solid engineer-strong community with 4,600 members, this group will surely get you the answers you’ve been looking for.

They also allow job postings so this is one to keep an eye on if you are a yacht engineer looking for work.

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The Crew Coach – Facebook group

The crew coach’s mission is to help luxury yacht crew build successful careers and achieve their highest ambitions, from deckhands to captains, stewardesses, engineers and chefs.

The Facebook group again offers excellent tips and tricks to help crew not only survive a yacht but flourish. Further to this the crew coach offers a variety of services such as yachting CV solutions and interview practice to make sure crew are best prepared to land that dream role.

Yachting Pages Media Group

It wouldn’t be a comprehensive guide if we didn’t tell you about our own yachting tips! With over 7000 comprehensive guides covering everything from training courses, accommodation and job advice, to tips from industry experts, we’ve worked hard to bring you the latest inside knowledge to help you in your crew job.

For more guides and helpful articles on the yachting industry, visit Crew Corner.

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