Yachting Pages Delivers: France & Italy July 2022

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Days 11 and 12

As the new week begins, we are delighted to report that Simon is enjoying a well-earned rest… at the gym. No longer lumping pink packs around the docks, he’s unwinding after an epic 923km drive home from Naples by doing 50kg snatches in the gym. How else do you expect him to stay in shape to master these YPD deliveries?

Having left him at the end of day 10 in Rome where he faced a long drive down to Naples, Simon has since spent the weekend distributing the last of the 750 pink packs to superyachts across Gaeta, Pozzuoli and Naples.

Overall Simon has covered 3,800km over the course of two weeks. From France to Italy (Marseille to Naples), this Yachting Pages Delivers has been a roaring success. In total, 1,400 editions of the Med book have been left in Capitaineries/outlets in our bookstands, 86 shipyards/ports/marinas/chandlers have been re-stocked and 750 pink bags have made their way on board all the superyachts in the region. Simon took a moment yesterday not only to admire the incredible view out of the windows of Marina di Stabia (see photo below), but also to admire their new YP book stand filled to capacity! What a vision of loveliness that is, in its prime and exclusive position.

Office view at Marina di Stabia

Special thanks must be made to Mistral for packing their pink gin with us and Yacht Service Cala Gonone for providing a delicious white wine. They made the packs a delight for Simon to deliver, even if they were a little heavier for it! Also thanks to Huisman Etech for its very cool sunglasses, and to all of our other clients for working with us on this France and Italy trip.

We look forward now to our next one, at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Boat Show!

Day 10

The Yachting Pages van is looking considerably happier than in days gone by, as it rolled in to Porto Romano this morning. Having now distributed an amazing 730 pink packs to superyachts on this distribution run, it's riding noticeably higher and groaning significantly less.

Which is more than might be said of Simon. He has now been carrying heavy pink packs up and down Mediterranean marinas for 10 long, hot days. It's no small thing to deliver hundreds of these packs, which seem to grow heavier with every new trip, as our clients become ever more inventive with their inserts. From bottles of wine and gin to sunglasses and brochures, Simon has carried quite literally thousands of kilos of our clients’ materials on his back. But he is all too happy to be doing so, and on this trip he has loved being able to hand over a pack that the superyacht crew are excited to open.

Late last night it was those in Civitavecchia, and then early today Rome, who have been reaping the rewards of Yachting Pages' partnership with the likes of Marina di San Lorenzo and Solari Marine Safety, who have provided a brochure for this France and Italy delivery run.

Yachting Pages Mediterranean directories at Porto Romano

Simon left Porto Romano with a new bookstand this morning, filled to capacity with the Med books, and spent a few moments chatting to the director about the upcoming boats shows they will both be attending. Simon extended an invitation to join YP on our stand at Cannes and they fully anticipate catching up again in Dusseldorf in early 2023. One of the highlights of these YPD trips for us is our ability to stay personally connected to our clients. In an increasingly digital world, these small moments of face-to-face conversation and a handshake are priceless. We feel it’s what sets us apart from the crowd.

As Simon looks ahead to a last weekend of delivering, he’ll be grateful to see that there’s just enough bags left in the van to supply Anzio, Gaeta, Pozzuoli and Naples.

Day nine

Early this morning, Simon arrived at Porto Azzurro and after a brief chat with the busy team, while filling up the book stands inside the marine office, he was out in the marina delivering packs and admiring the plentiful marine traffic on the sparkling waters in and around Isola d’Elba. While the rest of us were just starting breakfast, he was already on his way to call in on another of our clients, Sacomar, on the northern side of the island, to ensure they had a top-up of our current edition. After a complete round trip of the island, Simon hopped back on a ferry for the mainland and whizzed down towards Orbetello and Porto Santa Stefano.

Bookstand in Porto Azzurro

Nestled between sparkling blue sea and climbing green hills, Porto Santa Stefano is one of the most picturesque destinations Yachting Pages visit along this distribution trip. Simon arrived under clear, scorching skies this afternoon with a smile on his face and many pink packs to dish out.

One of our clients may need no introduction to the yachts that have come to visit Monte Argentario, this peninsula reaching out into the Mediterranean Sea. As pink packs are opened along the docks, one of the brochures pulled out will be Argentario Yacht Services, advertising the assistance it offers to the yachting industry on this stunning peninsula.

Superyachts at anchor in the Italian sea

There is little time for Simon to enjoy the majesty of Monte Argentario though, as he makes his way around to Marina di Cala Galera and onwards to Porto Ercole. Set at the foot of Mount Filippo, the nearby mountain will tempt our adventure-seeking distributor as he delivers to the yachts here. But with Naples still another 400km away, and many places to stop in between, he still has a mountain of his own to climb.

Day eight

It might have been deemed a punishment for Napoleon to be exiled to the island of Elba in 1814, but in 2022 it can be nothing but a cause for envy whenever anybody is sent there. Such as in the case of our very own head of operations, Simon Brooks, who has ferried across today to distribute the current Yachting Page Delivers instalment to this beautiful island.

MY in Livorno

With superyachts all around Elba, from Porto di Portoferraio to Porto Azzurro, today marks another day of Simon handing out the marketing materials our clients have chosen to capture the attention of their distinctive audience. Simon has even been able to drop off a new bookstand at Porto Azzurro and filled it to the brim with Yachting Pages 2022/23 Mediterranean directories!

MY EH in Livorno

Napoleon arrived to Elba on HMS Undaunted, a fitting name given all that he achieved here before escaping back to France. If Simon was looking for a name for his own vessel – the van that carries him thousands of miles every year as he hands out thousands of pink packs – perhaps Undaunted is a fitting place to start…

Day seven

The superyacht crews in Porto Lotti and Porto Mirabello in La Spezia caught glimpses of pink between the passerelles this morning, as packs full of our clients’ marketing materials landed precisely where Yachting Pages guaranteed they would.

VAVA in La Spezia

The crews’ noses might have caught a sense of something else too, sitting heavy and sweet in the still morning air. ‘Is that man wearing… perfume?’ the deckhands might have quizzed one another, as Simon made his way further down the dock.

After the week he’s had, Simon might be forgiven for this morning’s mix up in the hotel. That small bottle of perfume looked just like the aftershave bottle, after all! But it’s hard work out in the Italian summer heat, and there have been many companies eager to get their brands into our pink packs. With Sunseeker’s brochure and Feadship’s Pilot magazine, there’s more than just a little light reading inside, and plenty of weight for Simon to pass over to the crew. At least he smells nice!

Crew in Porto Lotti, La Spezia

With over two-thirds of the packs now delivered to yachts along the French and Italian coasts, we continue to deliver on our promise to our clients: to market them where nobody else can. Leaving the crew (and in one case the owner themselves!) to rummage through our pink packs, Simon moves down the coast to the town of Massa to resume the service. A sweet fragrance trails in his wake.

Day six

With the Italian Riviera phase of this Yachting Pages Delivers starting in earnest, Simon has arrived in the city of Genova on the sixth day of his distribution trip. As ever in Genova, his welcome has been as warm as the temperature outside, which is making its way through the upper-thirty degrees Celsius this afternoon. Amongst the friendliest places to visit on these trips, Genova’s marinas are extremely hospitable to Simon and Yachting Pages, and they were glad to see their ebbing bookstands topped up with the 2022/23 Mediterranean directory.

Genova in July

Working through this historic maritime city, Simon has reached yet another milestone on his journey. Since setting out last Monday, he has delivered to an incredible 550 yachts, including superyachts today such as Lürssen’s 86-metre (282-foot) Quattroelle and Benetti’s 50-metre (164-foot) Platinum.

Platinum in Genova

Including the 500 directories Simon has delivered to port and marina receptions, in total, he has distributed over 1,000 Mediterranean books in just one week! The careful placement of these directories is key, of course, ensuring our clients’ advertisements are getting to the superyacht crew and captains.

And on that note, tomorrow, the popular superyachting destinations of Chiavari, Lavagna and La Spezia all await the pink wave riding down the coast.

Day five

As the first week of the latest Yachting Pages Delivers draws to a close, we are looking back with pride. The 2022/23 Mediterranean directory may have only launched at the start of the summer, but our supplies in all the key ports and marinas were already running low. Close to becoming a victim of our own success, fortunately Simon arrived prepared. Now all along the French Riviera the coffee tables, shelves and our personalised bookstands are full to the brim once again.

The real value in these distribution runs, however, is Simon’s ability to get our clients’ materials right into the hands of superyacht crew. Walking the docks from dawn to dusk, this week has seen him deliver hundreds of pink packs across the South of France. Well received wherever he goes, the pink pack has become a promise of pleasantries and surprises. Whether it be a bottle of booze, a glossy magazine or, as Huisman Etech so brilliantly provided this week, even a pair of sunglasses!

Superyacht in Loano

Simon would have needed a pair himself this morning. With the French Riviera behind, today he headed east into the sunrise. Having already delivered to Ventimiglia’s Cala del Forte yesterday, today has seen him distribute our iconic pink packs to the superyachts of Sanremo’s Portosole, Porto d‘Imperia  and Marina di Loano.

With the weekend approaching, the superyacht crews may well now be thumbing through Gourmet Deliveries’ brochure, planning what to offer their guests in the coming days…

M/Y Virginia in Imperia, Italy

Day four

As M/Y Legacy reversed into dock with the afternoon sea breeze in Port de Cannes, the crew would have taken note of a few things… that there were a few empty docks to be found around Vieux Port at that time of day, that the temperature had risen to 35 degrees Celsius, and that a man in a bright pink shirt awaited them on the dock!

Indeed, once the crew had safely secured the 55-metre (180-foot) superyacht, Simon was there to make sure the first thing that boarded M/Y Legacy was one of Yachting Pages pink packs. As crew tied up, it wouldn’t have been long before the captain had a browse through Armare Ropes’ new brochure, thinking about the lines they needed to replace at the end of the season.

MY Legacy in Cannes

It might only be day four of this distribution trip, but after delivering to the rest of the yachts in Vieux Port this afternoon, Simon reached an impressive milestone. From Menton to Marseille, all superyachts along the Cote d’Azur have now received a pink pack complete with not only our clients’ materials, but Yachting Pages’ directories too.

Speaking of which, Simon also reached another milestone. Not only has he delivered to every marina, but now every single key outlet in the South of France have had their bookstands topped up with our 2022/23 Mediterranean directories too.

SB with crew

Whilst Vieux Port de Cannes this afternoon might not have been as full as, say, Port Hercule on day one, or the Port of Saint-Tropez on day three, Simon knows what a good sign this is for the world of yachts. Having arrived in the afternoon, he found many had already left port for a day at sea, and this proves that the superyachting industry is as active and as strong as ever.

The ports will no doubt be full again come this evening, but with the Cote d’Azur now turned pink with Yachting Pages packs, Simon is turning his attention to Italy. Cala del Forte and Sanremo await.

Day three

An early alarm set for 4.00am on day three saw us delivering in the Port of Saint-Tropez by 5.30am, which was 100% full. Monaco Marine Cogolin, IMS 700 St Mandrier, and La Ciotat Vieux Port and Shipyard followed over the course of the morning. By 12:00pm, we had already been hard at work for over 38 hours since Monday - a full working week crammed into just 2.5 days!

Yachts in Golfe de Saint Tropez

Our pink bags are full and heavy on this trip. We’re always careful on the road - we go to great lengths to ensure the pack contents arrive on superyachts in excellent order, but we are having to take extra care when we have breakable contents. We need to ensure that the Mistral Gin in this pack is arriving safely into the hands of chief stews and isn’t soaking into the Sunseeker magazine in the bottom of the bag. Our reputation might be a little tarnished if we delivered gin-pickled reading materials...

Simon enjoyed a brief catchup on our rounds today with the founder of Geetech, Martin Gee, one of our regular clients. He’s hard at work in one of the yards we have just delivered to and deserves a quick mention as he kindly crafted the metal stands in which our books are housed in the capitaineries. He had a quick thumb through the Med book to check on his adverts and then waved us on our way.

Our sat nav is set for La Napoule, Cala del Forte, Sanremo and Aregai tomorrow... Keep an eye out for us - you can’t miss our pink shirts!

Day two

Sunrise found us in Antibes at the start of day two. Clearly, we are not the only early risers… Many crew were already out and about in preparation for their busy day. The Quai des Milliardaires was busy with lots of large significant yachts. Even before breakfast, the crew were delighted with the contents of our pink packs. The Engel & Voelkers GG Magazine made the perfect accompaniment to either a morning coffee or a glass of Italian white wine, found inside the packs, courtesy of Yacht Service Cala Galone.

M/Y Aquila

There are many privileges to working on our distribution trips - we are welcomed and greeted cheerfully wherever we go and it’s so gratifying to get such a positive reception in marina after marina. As we are filling up the capitainerie stands with the Med books in Antibes, Port Camille Rayon, Port Gallice, Juan-les-Pins, and Vieux Port Golfe Juan, it’s all too easy to get chatting to the wonderful staff and lose valuable distribution time. We have to remember to keep an eye on the time as we still have many miles to cover today!

As lunchtime approaches on day two, we are already receiving positive feedback from this distribution run. One of our clients, Maritime Yacht Services, has already had a captain respond to its brochure in the pack. We love hearing this! Always reach out to us to let us know your feedback.

We had a spot of trouble with the van in the late afternoon just outside of Port Pierre Canto, and Simon was wondering if he was going to have to send for a backup. Our van puts in a lot of miles on our distribution trips! Luckily, he was back on the road after only a short pit stop, and day two was done and dusted after a quick reload of the van with new packs in preparation for day three.

The highlight of Simon’s day was spotting one of his favourite yacht names ever - the rather brilliant “She Got The House”. Me? I’d rather have the yacht...

M/Y She Got The House

Day one

As the sun rose this morning over a superyacht-packed Port Hercule, it welcomed not only the beginning of another Yachting Pages Delivers, but also the birth of our new daily coverage feature. As of today, we at Yachting Pages will be bringing live updates from our head of operations, Simon Brooks, as he embarks on a 12-day journey along the coastlines of France and Italy. Welcome to Postcards from the Road!

Port Hercule sunrise

Yachting Pages Delivers is the specialist hand-distribution service that sets Yachting Pages apart. With every new distribution trip, Simon is to be found in one of our iconic pink shirts placing branded marketing items directly into the hands of those who matter on board. Providing insights into what it takes for Yachting Pages to offer this service, this new blog will be following Simon as he works his way along the coast. We’ll be sharing snippets from his travels and shining a light on how unique our distribution capabilities are.

Port Hercule superyacht

As a golden glow spread over Yacht Club de Monaco this morning, Simon was already busily handing out our pink packs to the yachts before they set off for the day. By delivering at first light, he was able to reach as many as possible, maximising our distribution in a busy port during this busy part of the season.

As we’ll be revealing over the coming days, the contents of the pink bag in this Yachting Pages Delivers should not be missed. Brimming with treats from magazines to gifts, there’s even a bottle of something nice hidden within!

Pink pack Nice

For the next 12 days, Simon will be found handing out these packs in marinas all along the Northern Mediterranean, from Monaco to Naples. A friendly and familiar face, he delivers to locations that are difficult for brands to reliably reach other than through the Yachting Pages distribution network. He’s looking forward to it, and we’re looking forward to sharing his travels with you. À demain, see you tomorrow!

Want to stay up to date with Simon’s travels? Read more Postcards from the Road.

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