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Has anyone thought of offering up the solution of laying mooring fields?

They would cause a very low initial impact when laid, generate a massive income and also reduce marine accidents caused by boats dragging in high wind/seas. Another positive is that captains would more likely be using a lower speed when entering theses fields, again potentially reducing the risk of accidents. Cala di Volpe has managed it!

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Frédéric Villers
Frédéric Villers
15 April, 2021

Eco mooring projects are under development in France to offer a short term solution to yachts in areas covered by Posidonia habitat with no sandy areas. However, this type of project is complex in terms of environmental, technical and economical issues, and requires some time to offer a safe and eco-friendly mooring to captains. French authorities are accelerating their implementation to be complementary with the new regulations.

Bonifacio and Pampelonne should be the first projects to be set up. Others should follow.

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