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Yachting Pages is the world’s largest superyacht resource. Our specialist search engine boasts a comprehensive business directory of 26,000+ superyacht suppliers across a range of relevant sectors, both online and in print. 

Yachting Pages Online enables captains and crew to find what they’re looking for at the click of a button – making the perfect place for businesses to promote their services to the people who matter most.

How do captains and crew use Yachting Pages Online?

Captains and crew use to find exactly what they’re looking for on board, whether it’s a product, service or supplier. Our intuitive website allows users to search by category, should they wish to browse the market, or by keyword, if they are looking for something specific. Users can also input a specific location to narrow down their search.

Once a user implements a ‘search’, our sophisticated search engine generates a list of relevant businesses that match the search query. Rankings within the results are based on a number of criteria, including the tier of listing (free listings feature beneath paid listings). This ensures paid advertisers receive maximum visibility.

When users identify a business they would like to contact, they can do so quickly and easily through Yachting Pages. Users have the ability to send a message directly to the brand, access their website or call their main telephone line, making for a smooth and direct process for both user and business. This is why thousands of captains and senior crew rely on Yachting Pages Online every week.

The sign-up process

Adding a free business listing to Yachting Pages to place your brand in front of the superyacht industry is quick and easy. It normally doesn’t take any more than a few minutes.

Before starting, you can do a search to see if your business is already live on the website. If it is, you need to claim your listing. You can do this via the link that reads, ‘Is this your listing? Claim it here’. If it’s not already listed, follow the three simple steps below!

Step 1. Add your free listing

To start the process, simply visit our free listing page. Here you can input your business name (title) and select the category that best describes your business’s line of work. From here you will be prompted to create a sponsor account, in order to manage and maintain your listing moving forward. Alternatively, if you already have a sponsor account, you will be able to log in to proceed.

Step 2. Complete your listing

Once signed up and logged in, you will be transferred to the ‘add listing’ page. This is where you will be required to fill out your business details, including the registered address, contact information and opening hours - The website you provide will be a clickable backlink on your listing and the email address will also be clickable, allowing users to send your business direct messages relating to product quotes and/or queries.

Step 3: Listing verification (our part)

Once your free business listing has been approved by the Yachting Pages admin team, the listing will be immediately discoverable on (in relevant searches)! You can then log in to your sponsor account to keep track of any incoming messages you receive, and to make changes to the details on your listing. However, all changes are subject to approval by the Yachting Pages admin team.

Benefits of a free business listing

With 82 online categories to choose from and the opportunity to add 10 unique keywords, a free business listing on is the ideal platform for all marine businesses. It’s focused and targeted, maximising the chances of receiving valuable traffic and leads.

In addition to a free listing, we have four paid listing options available to ambitious brands that crave boosted visibility and enhanced SEO benefits. Get in touch for more information.

So, what are you waiting for? If your marine business is not already listed on Yachting Pages, add it for free today and benefit from real-world superyacht exposure.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your listing, please email us. If you’re interested in paid advertising options to enhance your business listing and drive more relevant traffic, please book a free consultation.