Kohler Dealers

Kohler is a global brand specialising in the manufacture of power products like engines and generators. By its own admission, it is ‘maniacally obsessed with making great engines’.

Powered by 100 years’ experience, Kohler engines are relied upon in the commercial world for their optimum levels of performance – and the marine industry is no different. The superyacht world demands the best, which Kohler delivers.

Every Kohler engine is meticulously quality-tested from start to finish, with tens of thousands of hours of performance tests implemented during the design process.

Each engine passes an inspection prior to production, and again once it has been produced, to ensure total quality and reliability.

Kohler is internationally recognised and prides itself on being accessible everywhere in the world. With thousands of dealers worldwide, it can provide expert assistance any time, anywhere.

To specifically support superyacht industry professionals, Kohler has joined the Yachting Pages Dealer Network to ensure engineers can quickly and easily find a Kohler-approved vendor list. When a captain first thinks to look for a ‘Kohler dealer near me’ they will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for on the Yachting Pages Dealer Network.

Whether you are in need of Kohler engines, Kohler motors or engine repairs, the official Kohler dealer network will enable you to identify the right business. To make the process an all-in-one solution, you can send a message to any Kohler dealer directly through Yachting Pages. Easy.

What it means to be a Kohler dealer

Becoming a dealer is a logical move for many marine engineering businesses. But, why Kohler?

Kohler is committed to supporting all of its dealers and ensuring the products they sell are as reliable as possible. Its Kohler Engines Dealer Program boasts a range of incentives that make becoming a dealer an obvious choice. The full list of benefits include:

  • First priority for customer service
  • Earn profit on warranty parts and replacement engines
  • Reimbursement at posted shop labour rate for warranty repairs
  • Receive factory-direct warranty reimbursement by cheque/check for online warranty claims
  • Receive customer referrals based on area(s) of focus

Significantly, the other major advantage for dealers is that they can appear on the Kohler dealer network within Yachting Pages. Utilised by thousands of marine industry decision makers, a presence on yachtingpages.com places businesses directly in front of their target market.

Interested? Learn more about becoming a Kohler dealer today. Alternatively, you can search for a Kohler dealer near you and send them a message.