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Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning Inc | Yacht Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
401 SE 3rd Terrace, Pompano Beach, FL, Florida 33060, USA
Operating in USA
Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning Inc is a family-owned business that has worked in the yachting industry since the 1970s. With decades of knowledge and experience, it deals with a range of client requests, cleaning carpets and upholstery.
Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems | Yacht Wash Systems | Cleaning Products
Gantelstraat 8, Waalwijk 5145 PH, Netherlands
Operating in NLD and DEU
Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems develops innovative superyacht cleaning products and accessories. Working across Europe with partners in France, Monaco, Spain, Germany and Italy, it custom-makes its products to suit the requirements of all clients.
Nautiel Service S.L. | Yacht Cleaning | Anti-Stain Treatments
C/ Sant Miquel,41, bjs 4, Barcelona 8003, Spain
Operating in ESP
Founded in 1991, Nautiel Service S.L. provides cleaning and maintenance services to yachts and superyachts in Spain, including technical cleaning, shrink wrapping and textile treatments. It also boasts its own product range: Nautiel Products.
Yacht Fuel Tank Cleaning | Superyacht Services | Fuel Star Spain
C/ Manacor 494 A, Palma, Mallorca 7199, Spain
Operating in ESP
Fuel Star Spain S.L. specialises in fuel tank cleaning aboard yachts and superyachts, providing fuel cleaning and engine maintenance services in order to eliminate bacteria, water and undesired residues in yacht fuel and on-board systems.
Yacht Cleaning Monaco | Pest Control | ASN
Les Orchidées, 16, rue R.P., Louis Frolla, Monaco MC98000, France / Monaco
Operating in FRA, MCO and ITA
ASN COVID-19 Eradication & Cleaning Services provides a range of services to superyachts, including specialised pest control, cleaning carpets, fabrics and upholstery, and implementing MGN 580 fire retardant treatment.
Yacht Cleaning Services | Mattress Cleaning | UCC-Services BV
Spieringweg 603Q, Vijfhuizen 2141 EB, Netherlands
Operating in NLD
UCC-Services BV is a professional cleaning business that works with yachts of all sizes. Its friendly team works with chief stews and interior managers, specialising in carpet, upholstery, mattress and anti-allergen cleaning.
Inter-Nett | Yacht Fabric Cleaning Monaco | Superyacht Carpet Care
Le Beau Rivage, 9 Av. d' Ostende, Monaco 98000, France / Monaco
Inter-Nett provides fabric cleaning services to superyachts worldwide. Whether it's carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, or upholstery cleaning, Inter-Nett’s team has the skills to maintain that 'just new' look, providing a high-quality service.
Kadira Carpet Cleaning | Superyacht Cleaning Services in Monaco
Le Continental,Block B 2/1 Place des Moulins, Monaco 98000, France / Monaco
Operating in FRA and MCO
Based in Monaco, Kadira Carpet Cleaning provides high-quality yacht cleaning services. With over 12 years’ experience, it provides first-class services across Italy, Spain and the French Riviera, delivering exceptional results.
Superyacht Contractor | Yacht Repair | Professional Tank Cleaning
3160 NE 3rd Av., Fort Lauderdale, FL, Florida 33334, USA
Operating in USA
PROTANK is the leading superyacht tank cleaning, blasting and coating subcontractor in the USA. Boasting 20+ years’ experience in the yacht repair and maintenance industry, it prides itself on having an outstanding safety record.
Vioxten | Organic Cleaning Products |Yacht Sanitisation in Italy
Via Consiglio D Europa 38F, Gorizia, Monfalcone 34074, Italy
Operating in ITA
Based in Italy, Vioxten provides highly effective products for the sanitisation of superyacht environments and surfaces. Its team boasts a vast amount of experience, guaranteeing the highest standards of cleaning.
Men In White | Antibes
92 Boulevard Wilson, Antibes 06160, France / Monaco
Operating in FRA
Men In White offers carpet and upholstery cleaning, including fire retardant and fabric protection, to yachts of all sizes on the French and Italian Rivieras. Its experienced team offer a professional service with high-quality cleaning products.
Superyacht Cleaning | Laundry Services | Absolute Yacht Care
1560 Chemin de l'Escours , La Colle Sur Loup 06480, France / Monaco
Operating in FRA
Absolute Yacht Care offers cleaning, laundry and COVID disinfection services to yachts in the French Riviera and Italy. Performing careful work with meticulous attention-to-detail, it boasts over 10 years’ experience in the yachting industry.
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