Meat N' Bone

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2229 Coral Way, Miami, FL, Florida 33145, USA
Meat N' Bone
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Meat N' Bone

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2229 Coral Way, Miami, FL, Florida 33145, USA

Meat N’ Bone is an online butcher shop that sells a variety of premium quality meat. Offering the yachting industry over 300 meat options, each item is individually packed from the best programs in the US and around the world.

With extremely rigorous standards, Meat N’ Bone only supplies best-in-class products from farmers who care.

The largest offering of premium quality meats

From the best domestic and international meat programs:

  • USDA Choice and Prime G1 certified beef sourced from Midwestern farms
  • Wagyu-Angus cross beef (Prime+)
  • Japanese wagyu A5
  • Dry aged steaks
  • Alcohol infused steaks (rum, whisky and gin)
  • Lamb
  • Duck
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish and seafood

Meat N' Bone is the only place customers can get more than 20 different types of Ribeye and five different types of Picanha - from G1 certified all the way to Japanese A5. It offers on demand ordering with same day delivery in South Florida and 24-hour delivery nationwide in the USA.

What makes Meat N’ Bone unique for mega yachts?

  • Provides over 300 premium products including beef (from G1 certified choice to Japanese Miyazaki-Gyu), Heritage pork, Iberico pork, sashimi grade fish, domestic lamb and much more
  • Offers delivery every day, same day and 2-hour rush delivery. Hand delivering products to the dock in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, it also offers nationwide delivery
  • It boasts a personalised and tailored customer service. Ordering through the website is incredibly easy, but communication by phone, email, SMS or WhatsApp is also available
  • Convenient vacuum sealed packaging
  • The option to receive whole pieces or standardised options

Meat N' Bone only works with programs that offer traceability and stand behind its quality. These services are currently not offered elsewhere within the market, making Meat N' Bone an ideal choice for superyachts.

For more information, download the brochure below.

Contact Meat N' Bone today to arrange your next order of high-quality meat!

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2229 Coral Way, Miami, FL, Florida 33145, USA
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