Via Coppino, 441, Viareggio 55049, Italy


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Via Coppino, 441, Viareggio 55049, Italy

Lusben has 60 years’ experience in providing specialist refit and repair work on luxury yachts between 20 and 40 metres, always ensuring quality and punctuality. Based in Viareggio, Lusben proudly breathes “new life" into every yacht it works on.

Lusben has established itself as one of the leading refit and repair shipyards in the world for structures available and capability of interventions. Every yacht enjoys the same hospitality, organization, technology and attention to detail to ensure it departs Lusben with a new lease of life.

Over 1,000 luxury yachts have passed through Lusben's doors, where its team of highly qualified professionals work tirelessly to spot and perform interventions, and ensure your dream refit becomes a reality.

It carries out significant mechanical, structural and interior refits, as well as providing the necessary support to upgrade any mechanical or electrical systems. All refit and repair services are performed with the support of marine engineers and specialist technicians.

Refit and repair services

Lusben carries out a range of refit and repair works, including:

  • Hauling, launching and manoeuvring services
  • Carpentry, metalwork and fiberglass laminate repairs
  • Replacement of steel
  • Mechanical work on all types of engine and transmission
  • Repair and installation of all hydraulic and electrical systems
  • Repair of any electronic system and installation of new equipment
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-osmosis treatments
  • Specialist painting with climate-controlled shed (up to 60m)
  • New interiors and modifications

Skilled technicians

Viareggio is recognized as a center of excellence for luxury yacht building and the local craftsmen Lusben employs reflects that. From the most advanced electrical engineers to the finest carpenters, all its staff are specialists in their field and strive to produce the best possible result, whilst also keeping a tight control on costs.

Contact Lusben to discuss your yacht's refit and repair requirements.

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Via Coppino, 441, Viareggio 55049, Italy
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