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Tony Team Ltd provides reliable and cost-effective waste management solutions to the yachting industry. With reputable product quality and excellent customer service, Tony Team Ltd offers leading compactor and baling technology for superyachts.

Tony Team Ltd is a UK-based waste management company that provides top of the range waste management solutions to yachts and superyachts. Boasting more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, Tony Team Ltd has a large variety of products and services.

Utility/laundry room counter waste compactors for superyachts

Tony Team bag compactors automatically compress mixed waste up to 14% of its original size in seconds, delivering neatly cubed polythene bags that reduce waste volumes. Tony Team bag compactors are available in four sizes to match the needs of all luxury superyacht conditions. It also offers galley under counter waste compactors with an odour reduction system.

Superyacht under counter bottle crusher

The unique Tony Team under counter bottle crusher is ideally suited to be located in a yacht’s utility/laundry room. It is designed to handle most types of glass and bottles.

Utility/laundry room balers

Tony Team balers are safe to use and provide a cost-effective means of removing card, polythene and other recyclable material from the waste stream and helps to keep waste areas clean and tidy. The TT45 creates bales up to 45kg, making it ideal for a wide variety of superyacht applications. For a trusted service and highly-quality waste management, contact Tony Team Ltd today for all of your superyacht needs!


Station Rd., Bakewell DE45 1GE, United Kingdom
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