Marigot Bay Marina

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PO Box 7227, St Lucia
Marigot Bay Marina
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Marigot Bay Marina

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PO Box 7227, St Lucia

Marigot Bay Marina is a premier berthing destination for yachts and superyachts visiting Saint Lucia, offering numerous amenities and services for boat owners and guests in the Caribbean.

Located along the western side of Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, Marigot Bay Marina is an established Caribbean berthing destination for luxury yachts from around the world. Originally recognised as one of the Caribbean’s most secure anchoring spots, with ships taking shelter in the bay area from rough seas, the marina has become a premier superyacht destination, also popular as a drop-off point for yacht charters due to direct flights from the UK and US.

Superyacht berths in Saint Lucia

Marigot Bay Marina has berthing for yachts up to 280ft in length with a draft of up to 20ft. 42 berths and 20 mooring buoys are available at the marina, with a full range of utilities and services available for yachts:

  • Fuel dock dispensaries brought directly to your vessel
  • Electricity with multiple power type options
  • Potable water from metered taps
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and cable TV
  • Twice-daily garbage disposal from each berth
  • Black and grey water pump-out service
  • Cooking gas exchange and refill

Yacht repairs and technical services

Marigot Bay Marina can arrange for several types of works and technical services during your time at the marina. These include:

  • Hull cleaning and polishing
  • Engine, generator and outboard maintenance
  • Electrical and hydraulic repairs from on-site ASEA agent
  • Underwater cleaning and inspection
  • Sheet winch, capstan and windlass maintenance

Yacht agency services at Marigot Bay Marina

Marigot Bay Marina provides a number of superyacht agency services to make your visit as straight-forward as possible. Agency services include:

  • Crew accommodation
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Transport arrangements
  • Flight, hotel and onward marina bookings
  • Laundry service
  • Flower and floral arrangement delivery
  • On-board entertainment organisation, specialty acts, etc.

Contact Marigot Bay Marina today for a luxury marina experience in Saint Lucia.

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PO Box 7227, St Lucia
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