Via Consiglio D Europa 38F, Gorizia, Monfalcone 34074, Italy


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Via Consiglio D Europa 38F, Gorizia, Monfalcone 34074, Italy

Based in Italy, Vioxten provides highly effective products for the sanitisation of superyacht environments and surfaces. Its team boasts a vast amount of experience, guaranteeing the highest standards of cleaning.

As an ideal partner to ensure safety, Vioxten prioritises biosecurity and provides technical advice, dedicated training and certified products. Thanks to its partnership with Medicaline SRL, Vioxten has taken the steps to guarantee the highest standards of cleaning and sanitisation on yachts. It has studied simple guidelines to ensure efficiency and safety.

Choosing the right disinfectant product

In order to guarantee high standards of cleaning, Vioxten believes a suitable product must be chosen respecting the following characteristics:

  • Low chemical risk and respects the environment
  • Must reduce cleaning times and business costs
  • Certified product and tested on the major pathogens present in the environment
  • Compatible with surfaces

Organic sanitisation on superyachts

Vioxten supplies a fragrance-free product called Vi + Sept Tablets, an eco-friendly product that is recommended for cleaning a range of yacht surfaces. It can be used on fabrics, rubbers, plastics and also wood.

This controlled and highly biodegradable foam product does not contain formaldehyde, enzymes, chlorine or other substances that may be harmful to humans or the environment. Vi + Sept Tablets are effective in removing organic residues from fabrics and surfaces, and excellent for removing bad odours from the drain bilges where water and organic residues accumulate.

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Via Consiglio D Europa 38F, Gorizia, Monfalcone 34074, Italy
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