Vista Mar Marina

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Via Panamericana 00507, Panama
Vista Mar Marina
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Vista Mar Marina

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Via Panamericana 00507, Panama

Vista Mar Marina is a beautiful and conveniently placed marina on the coast of Panama, 42 nautical miles from the Pacific opening of the Panama Canal.

Vista Mar Marina is located on the beaches of the Pacific coast, District of San Carlos, Panama. With 206 berths (each with electric service, Wi-Fi and drinking water) the marina can accommodate boats of any size, with up to 1,200 feet of docks for mega yachts.

Approximately 42 nautical miles southwest of the Panama Canal, Vista Mar Marina is ideal for navigating to the Caribbean or Europe. The marina is just 25km from an international airport, so it is easy to get to by air, land and sea.

The marina offers a range of professional services suitable for boats and yachts of any size, such as drinking water, various electrical connections, forklifts, dry storage areas, fuel supply, internet access and 24-hour reception. In addition there is a heliport on the marina, for direct air access. Luxury amenities for owners, captains and crews, such as a five-star beach club, golf course and an exclusive panoramic restaurant with bar and sea view allows for its customer to have an enjoyable stay at the marina.

Panama marina and crew services

  • 24-hour seamanship service 
  • Immigration Service and Panama customs
  • Manoeuvring assistance from the water
  • Management office
  • Personalised assistance
  • Tourist and weather information
  • On-site parking
  • Commercial shopping district with nautical services
  • Fuel station open seven-days-a-week
  • 24-hours security and video surveillance
  • Fire Safety
  • Selective waste collection
  • Heliport
  • Bar restaurant
  • Mini market
  • Hardware supplies

With the best of Panama within walking distance, along with spectacular islands in the Pacific Ocean located just a short distance offshore, Vista Mar Marina is a beautiful and convenient berthing spot between two oceans.

Marine facilities provide basic services including navigational aid, facilitating the transit of recreational boats to the region. It is also part of a local group of marinas already in operation, with the aim of increasing the supply of water spaces.

Contact Vista Mar Marina today to book your next berth in Panama.

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Via Panamericana 00507, Panama
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