Bd. Beau Rivage Prolonge, Imp. 12, Antibes 06600, France / Monaco
Operating in FRA and ITA
Noordzee Sarl
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Noordzee Sarl

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Super Showcase Advertiser
Bd. Beau Rivage Prolonge, Imp. 12, Antibes 06600, France / Monaco
Operating in FRA and ITA

Noordzee is an expert sales and engineering services and Shell lubricants firm based in Antibes, specialising in the marine industry. Noordzee is an authorised Hamann sales and service partner with certified technicians.

Founded in 1995, Noordzee has been serving superyachts worldwide from its base in Antibes, and has always been dedicated to the marine industry.

Hamann sewage treatment plant

Hamann and engineering services

Noordzee is well known for its expert technical assistance, quality support and troubleshooting services, and is an official agent for Hamman AG wastewater sewage treatment systems with certified technicians in the south of France. It services all Hamman systems and works with its clients on technical new build or refit planning and design.

Noordzee boasts a fully equipped workshop to service pumps and hold parts in stock for the more commonly used Hamann pumps, such as the ABM2S macerator, SNBP25.1 m&d and chlorine dosing pumps. It also holds chlorine stock for the older plants, and Nutriox, Flocculant API EKOFLOC for the newer Hamann systems.

Hamann pump parts by Noordzee

Supplier of professional and reliable products

Noordzee also services Evac, Jets and Microphor system pumps and supplies parts for toilet systems, marine sewage systems, yacht vacuum toilet systems, filters, pumps, water treatment and waste water systems. It supplies, repairs and services Jets sanitary systems including Vacuumarator pumps, toilets and greywater interface units. Additionally, it supplies, refurbishes and services Microphor toilets, BBA pumps, Calpeda and other pumps.

Noordzee jets pumps, Vacuumarator

Noordzee offers complete pump repair and servicing, including mega-testing of the motors for the Jets, Evac and BBA pump range.

Microphor hopper toilet parts

Matrix - Iwater Vent Odour Filters (VOF)

Matrix iwater vent odour filters

Noordzee is now the Mediterranean stocking distributor of the iWater and Power Matrix Vent Odour Filters and ZORBIT Replacement Cartridges. Designed by the inventor of the Matrix Vent Odour Filter, the iWater and Power Vent Odour Filters contain ZORBIT Catalyst, designed to absorb odours and oxidise gases. The ZORBIT can be easily replaced and is available in either aluminium or PVC.

Tank vent odour filters

Zorbit Matrix reload/replacement cartridges

Matrix Zorbit Reloads and replacement filter Cartridges

ADVISORY: Beware of knock-off Vent Odour Filters and ZORBIT Cartridges. Noordzee has encountered numerous yachts with knock-off products. The media used in the non-legitimate products becomes contaminated with dangerous pathogens. When changing ZORBIT cartridges, engineers must wear protective equipment including particle mask, eye protection and latex gloves. Do not breathe the dust or fumes from these dangerous cartridges.

Noordzee’s authentic ZORBIT Cartridges will not create a health hazard aboard any yacht. Contact Noordzee for more information.

Shell lubricants distributor

Shell lubricants logo

Noordzee is an official distributor and stockist of Shell marine oils, lubricants and greases, including Shell Rimula, Omala, Corena, Melina, Gadus, Tellus, Gadinia, Spirax, and Naturelle, the more environmentally acceptable lubricants. It supplies 5L, 20L and 200L drums and 1,000 IBCs. Additionally, it can also bunker larger quantities by tanker direct to the yacht.

Noordzee offers free delivery to any port in France for all orders over 200 litres.

The Shell Naturelle Biodegradable range of lubricants and greases comprises of high-performance and fully synthetic lubricants blended with selected additives to offer superior lubrication performance.

Shell Oil and Lubricants, Rimula X,  R4X Rimula, R4L Gadinia oil, Tellus Hydraulic

Selecting its biodegradable and low-toxicity products can:

  • Extend service intervals compared with conventional mineral oils
  • Extend equipment life and improve its efficiency
  • Reduce the environmental impact of operations
  • Enhance reputation and demonstrate continuous improvement for ISO 14001 and other environmental certification programmes

Noordzee can provide important information as a guide to help its customers change over to the Shell Naturelle product range and achieve the best performance whilst ensuring minimal waste during the changeover process.

Rimula X + R4X

Fuel, coolants and oil analysis

Shell LubeAnalyst Service

The Shell LubeAnalyst service delivers great value

Shell LubeAnalyst is an important part of planned and predictive maintenance strategies that helps deliver:

  • Greater equipment reliability and reduced downtime through early diagnosis of potential faults
  • Accurate and timely results worldwide (analysis for all normal samples is available within two working days of the samples reaching the Shell laboratory)
  • Lower machine repair costs
  • High safety standards
  • Precise monitoring of operating efficiency

Using Shell’s professional labs based in France, Noordzee offers premium fuel and oil analysis services to aid diagnostics and historical result records to keep machinery healthy.

Five simple steps to Shell LubeAnalyst

1. Ask Noordzee to register the vessel and equipment.

2. Take representative oil samples from equipment and complete the label.

3. Send the samples to the correct Shell laboratory.

4. Samples are tested and analysed and then entered into the Shell LubeAnalyst database.

5. Customers will receive an email or website report showing the diagnosis and recommendations.

Noordzee will assist its customers throughout the process, including supplying kits, advice in sample taking, registering the sample and diagnosing the results.

Waste water testing

Noordzee offers a fully comprehensive waste water analysis service for waste water systems, including the legionella testing. This service is especially useful for charter yachts.

For an efficient team that can speak English, French, Italian, Spanish and Irish, Contact Noordzee today for your engineering needs!

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Bd. Beau Rivage Prolonge, Imp. 12, Antibes 06600, France / Monaco
Operating in FRA and ITA
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, France / Monaco
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August 20, 2021
Noordzee becomes distributor of new marine vent odour filters
Noordzee becomes distributor of new marine vent odour filters

Yacht engineering company, Noordzee SARL has announced that it is now the Mediterranean stocking distributor of the iWater & Power Matrix Vent Odour Filters & ZORBIT Replacement Cartridges.

March 24, 2022
HAMANN AG donates new sewage treatment plant to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
HAMANN AG donates new sewage treatment plant to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

As a part of a long-standing collaboration and in support of its efforts to protect the marine environment, HAMANN AG has donated a HL-CONT PLUS sewage treatment plant to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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