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Hazelmere, Woolacombe, Exeter EX34 7AW, United Kingdom


Hazelmere, Woolacombe, Exeter EX34 7AW, United Kingdom

Other crew agents

Crew Asia

Crew Asia has been providing quality Asian crew to the global marine and yacht industry since 1992. It is qualified, experienced and dependable and is able to provide all crew for yachts, from deckhands and stewardesses to captains.

Planete Mer Services

Planète Mer Services is a crew agency with over 20 years’ experience in the yachting industry. Its services range from crew placement, sourced from its wide community of trusted seafarers, to bespoke assistance in all formalities with administration.

Eurasian Maritime Corporation (EMC)

Eurasian Maritime Corporation (EMC) is a sea-based crew agency located in Mandaue City, Philippines. EMC meets all legal requirements enabling it to engage in the recruitment and deployment of Filipino citizens as yacht crew.

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