Meet the Yachting Pages team


Steve Crowe, Founder & CEO, Yachting Pages

Steve Crowe

Founder & CEO +44 (0)117 992 7729


Steven Kane, Head of Sales, Yachting Pages

Steven Kane

Head of Sales

Book An Appointment +44 (0)117 992 7717
Dan Dean, Head of Sales, Yachting Pages

Dan Dean

Head of Sales +44 (0)117 992 7713
Jessica Pegg, Senior Relationship Consultant, Yachting Pages

Jessica Pegg

Senior Relationship Consultant +44 (0)117 992 7720
Carrie Stocker, Senior Relationship Consultant, Yachting Pages

Carrie Stocker

Senior Relationship Consultant +44 (0)117 992 7711
Jeremy Meadows, Senior Account & Project Manager, Yachting Pages

Jeremy Meadows

Senior Account & Project Manager +44 (0)117 992 7719
Elida Araujo-Góral, Senior Account Manager, Yachting Pages

Elida Araujo-Góral

Senior Account Manager

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+44 (0)117 992 7714

Isobel Black, Account Manager, Yachting Pages

Isobel Black

Account Manager +44 (0)117 992 7721
Brigida Calabrese, Sales Marketing Executive, Yachting Pages

Brigida Calabrese

Sales Marketing Executive +44 (0)117 992 7712
Olly Stevens, Yachting Pages

Olly Stevens

Sales Executive

Web & Digital

Nathan Bees, Digital Marketing Manager, Yachting Pages

Nathan Bees

Digital Marketing Manager
Luke Wheeler, Digital Development Manager, Yachting Pages

Luke Wheeler

Digital Development Manager
Hannah Rankine, Digital Marketing Executive, Yachting Pages

Hannah Rankine

Digital Marketing Executive
Holly Sanderson, Digital Advertising Administrator, Yachting Pages

Holly Sanderson

Digital Marketing Executive


Simon Brooks, Field Operations Manager, Yachting Pages

Simon Brooks

Field Operations Manager


Lisa Ferron, Production Manager, Yachting Pages

Lisa Ferron

Production Manager +44 (0)117 992 7722
Andy Christopher, Senior Graphic Designer, Yachting Pages

Andy Christopher

Senior Graphic Designer


Charleigh Mead, Finance Assistant, Yachting Pages

Charleigh Mead

Finance Manager +44 (0)117 992 7716
Yasmin Hamid, Finance Assistant, Yachting Pages

Yasmin Hamid

Finance Assistant