Choosing superyacht bathroom furniture and accessories

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From a bidet to a ‘low boy’, it’s easy to get lost in the world of bathroom and spa furniture and accessories. The stress and high costs of redesigning can cloud the mind and push you towards an end result that wasn’t originally planned for.

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Bathroom furniture and plumbing fixtures and fittings are the main event in the bathroom, and therefore it’s essential to get these right from the word ‘go’. Yachting Pages looks into planning the perfect superyacht bathroom.

Planning the perfect superyacht bathroom

If you can dream it, you can create it

First of all, in order to realise the particular style and feel of that dream bathroom, it’s a good idea to research the ideas displayed across the brochures and showrooms of the owner’s favourite interior designers, as well as taking a look at the bathrooms installed in other luxury homes and superyachts. Following this, create a priority list to ensure the essential bathroom furniture and accessories are not forgotten, such as:

  • The bathtub
  • The shower
  • The sink
  • The toilet
  • Taps, fixtures and fittings
  • Towel rails
  • Cabinets
  • Bathroom/interior accessories
  • Bathroom towels and linens

Important aspects to consider in superyacht bathroom design


It’s important when redesigning anything to create a budget and stick to it: Bathrooms and spas can be inexpensive and yet still have the luxury look and feel about them. The budget will need to be realistic, as there is no point in setting a £1,000 limit when the bathtub itself costs £999.


The majority of superyacht bathrooms are smaller in size to allow more room in other areas of the home or yacht, therefore meaning that having a larger space to work with is already a luxury in itself. However, if the room is small, try not to invest in large and bulky looking fixtures. The accessories in the bathroom should complement the style and layout of the room to give the effect of having more space.


Like space aboard a superyacht, natural light is also a commodity that can be in short supply, with the bathroom often hidden in the middle of the interior space.

Firstly, consider how much natural light the bathroom already gets: If the room already has large open windows that flood sunlight, there may not be a need for large powerful spotlights. A dimmer will always make a great addition for evening bathing and ambiance.

On the contrary, if there are only small windows available, or no windows at all, the light fittings will need to be bright enough to allow for the essential tasks carried out in the bathroom, such as applying make-up and shaving. It’s important to try and install lights that do not create shadows, and again, install a dimmer for the more relaxing times in the bathroom.

luxury bathroom

Selecting the right bathtub for a superyacht bathroom

The bathtub is often the main attraction of the bathroom, and is therefore often the most expensive. Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, and can be crafted out of materials like acrylic, stone resin, steel or copper - the list is endless, so it can be difficult to know which bathtub is right for your needs.

The right size bathtub

What could be more frustrating than choosing a bathtub and realising it’s the wrong size? Ensure that the exact dimensions of the space for the tub have been recorded to prevent a problem occurring during fitting.

A corner tub makes a quirky addition to any bathroom, but make sure to consider whether the space will work well with such an accessory, or whether this is an unnecessary novelty.

Alternatively, a freestanding bath creates a very elegant and luxury feel. Free standing tubs come in a wide range of materials and finishes including wood, copper and enamel.

The best material for bathtubs

Choosing the best surface material for a bathtub can be a prolonged process, yet an important one. When spending larger amounts of money, the bathtub should be built to last, therefore, ensure the material is the right one for the job.

Cast iron: A bathtub fashioned from cast iron is one of the most durable and long lasting fixtures to have in the home or yacht. However its weight combined with water, will normally require reinforcement.

Acrylic: A plastic material with a high-gloss look, acrylic gives a similar finish to enamelled cast iron while weighing much less. This material is great for whirlpools and air tubs. Repairs are much easier and cheaper than those to a porcelain surface.

Steel enamel: Steel baths can be manufactured to form sharper and flatter lines than those of an acrylic bath as the steel is pressed rather than vacuum formed. This type of design is great for a modern styled bathroom or a minimalist deign.

Fiberglass gelcoat: Also referred to as a fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the Gelcoat creates a gloss and easy-to-clean surface. It is considerably cheaper than acrylic, but its not as durable and can crack if something hits it hard enough.

Ceramic: The ceramic bathtub is often used as an accent piece in old-fashioned bathrooms. It can either be made of smooth, glossy ceramic inside and out, or covered with ceramic tiles on its outer surface.

Copper: A copper bathtub is rarely used, but when it is, it can create an elegant feel to any bathroom. Its aesthetic appeal, durability and lack of maintenance certainly are great advantages; however it usually comes with a large price tag.

Less is often more

Less is always more in the bathroom, and ideally it should be clutter free with a clean look and feel. Storage options to hide away toiletries, towels, linens and other necessities would make a good addition to any bathroom.

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