Superyacht crew uniform trends of 2019

With thanks to Taylor Made Designs and Floating Life

Crew uniforms are incredibly important on superyachts—they bring a sense of unity and teamwork to the crew, whilst also making crew feel like a true part of the boat. A solid uniform also acts as additional branding for the boat, with many yacht uniforms being made to match the boat’s colour scheme at the very least.

Cartoon Uniform

Certainly, Western societies at large have seen a move towards more casual dress in the workplace over the last decade, with only 1 in 10 people now wearing a suit to work. Similarly, when you look at what the majority of crew who work on the world’s most luxurious superyachts are wearing now, largely in absentia is the maritime-navy, formal attire of yesteryear, for it has given way to crisp polos and white skirts and shorts, subtlety embossed with the yacht’s name and primarily minimal in aesthetics.

So, how else are we going to see uniforms and workwear for superyacht crew evolve as we head through 2019 and into the next decade? Floating Life and Taylor Made Design (TMD) gave us some insight into what’s hot in crew uniforms this year.

UV-protective uniforms

With crew donning simpler attire aboard most superyachts these days, the fabrics these are made from has become a primary focus. One benefit attributed to certain fabrics is UV protection, an obvious benefit to anyone spending time working in the sun. Crew uniform specialists Taylor Made Design spoke of this growing trend: “We are seeing a rise in UV protective clothing. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (or UPF) is the rating system used, similar to the SPF although you will not find a UPF below 15 as this is not considered UV protective.”

Crew Looking Out

Floating Life praised its new range made from polyamide fabric, telling us: “We had very good feedback since we introduced polyamide and created the Evolution wear collection, entirely produced with this hypoallergenic, breathable, fast dry, UV protective and comfortable material.”

Is navy blue going out of fashion?

Despite more formal, military-esque uniforms declining in use aboard superyachts, the classic navy blue still colours many a garment worn by crew in 2019, with the blend of this archetypal colour on more contemporary garments—t-shirts, shorts, skirts—proving a popular choice amongst modern-day owners designing their crew’s uniform and adornments.

Often paired with white, navy provides stark and bold contrast whilst tipping a hat to classic maritime culture.

Crew Cleaning Superyacht

Floating Life told us, “There are many yachts who require black and dark colours to be more elegant, but white and navy is still the classic and much appreciated match,” attesting to this colourway’s dominance in the maritime uniform sector.

Taylor Made Design spoke of an increasing trend in the use of colour, with many owners opting to see uniforms as an additional branding opportunity rather than somewhere to follow tradition. They said, “You will always have your more traditional clients who love neutrals but some of the newer yachts are asking for more colour in their uniforms. For example, one of our clients have matched their uniform to the hull of the vessel and it’s striking. Being more adventurous with colour does not have to mean you sacrifice the personality and style of the yacht.”

Sustainable crew uniforms

Unsurprisingly, sustainability is a big factor in new orders of crew uniforms. With many people becoming increasingly aware of environmental concerns when making their lifestyle and purchasing decisions, demand for sustainable crew uniforms is only going up.

Yacht Crew Member

The sustainability of an item of clothing can be determined from a number of different factors including its fabrics, manufacturing processes, quality and durability. TMD commented, “A polyester fabric is made from oil and releases micro fibres into the water every time it goes through a wash cycle. In fact, one-million tonnes of synthetic fibre is released into waste water each year. As a uniform supplier it is up to us to educate our clients and offer more organic alternatives.”

The next decade of crew fashion

It’s almost impossible to predict exactly what shape the trends of uniform design will take as we approach 2020, but current trends already show us the appetite for fresh, crisp, more modern uniforms that really make the crew feel a part of their unique boat.

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