A complete overview to the Sunbrella collection of marine upholstery and fabrics

| With thanks to Sunbrella and Zijlstra International Decoration


Speak to anyone who has ever dealt with outdoor seating or canvases; chances are they’ve heard of Sunbrella. Similar to brands like Marmite, Hoover and Sellotape, Sunbrella’s brand name has become synonymous with what the products they’re selling are actually called – in this case, outdoor fabrics.

We decided to look a little further into Sunbrella, and explore what it offers the superyacht industry, making them so popular amongst not just marine upholsterers throughout the superyacht industry, but with professionals across the entire boating and outdoor-living industries as well.


Sunbrella marine fabric collections

Sunbrella Imagine Upholstery collection

The Sunbrella Imagine Collection of marine fabrics shakes up the traditional yachting style, drawing its inspiration from interior decor and luxury design. This collection includes denim, contemporary and chic jacquards, and updated sailor stripes.

Sunbrella cushion fabrics in the Imagine Collection have been specifically designed for interior and exterior use on sailboats and motorboats, making them very popular within the yachting sector.


Sunbrella Imagine Shade collection

Described by Sunbrella as “a supreme alliance of aesthetics and technical performance”, the Imagine Shade Collection offers hoods, Biminis, tarpaulins, protective covers, rear closures and more.

Sunbrella claims the Imagine Shade Collection harbours advanced technology that enables them to stand up to the harshest marine world conditions. They are UV-resistant and described as particularly hardwearing when used at sea, remaining “stunningly vibrant year after year”.


Sunbrella Terry collection

Designed specifically for cushions, fenders, throw pillows and more, this collection of fabric is soft to the touch, UV-resistant, mould-resistant and has long-lasting colour fastness whilst being extremely durable for a variety of uses.


Highly regarded and trusted in the industry

Sunbrella’s fabric collections have been used and trusted by marine upholsterers for years; we asked Jaimy-lee Aarts of Zijilstra International Design her thoughts on what marine fabrics she prefers to use on the cushions they make, and she told us, “We use Sunbrella fabrics for outdoor cushions of luxurious yachts. The colours of Sunbrella fabrics are nice and they remain beautiful. The fabrics are resistant against water and mildew, which makes it unique and the perfect fabric for outdoor cushions.”

Cleaning and maintenance of Sunbrella marine fabrics

Day-to-day cleaning and maintenance

Sunbrella fabrics can be easily freshened up on a regular basis by simply using a soft bristle brush and scrubbing with a mild solution of water and soap. Once the cleaning solution is absorbed, the soap residue is simply rinsed with water and the fabric allowed to air dry.

Deep-cleaning and spot cleaning

For more thorough, deep cleans of Sunbrella fabrics, they can be cleaned using bleach and water. Specific stains can be treated by following Sunbrella’s stain removal chart for individual instructions dependant on what exactly is to be removed.

In-depth online cleaning guides, whilst a seemingly small extra, play a large part in the attractiveness of Sunbrella fabrics, particularly on a charter yacht with large guest numbers and seasonal crew rotations. Crew on board have an easy-to-reference guide that can help them handle a huge number of different stains and cleaning scenarios, with the confidence that the instructions have been written with Sunbrella specifically in mind, reducing the chance of nightmare mishaps.


Luxury and designer outdoor fabrics and threads

Sunbrella’s appeal in the yachting sector wouldn’t be the same without exclusive collaborations with designers around the world. Sunbrella’s own fabrics combine with the unique work of designers to create remarkable fabrics for beautiful interiors in luxury yachts, hotels, commercial spaces and homes.

American & Efird has also worked with Sunbrella to create an embroidery thread that carries Sunbrella’s reknowned durability and colour fastness properties. This allows interior designers and suppliers working on yacht interiors to customise and decorate cushions and more, with a thread that houses the same qualities as Sunbrella’s own fabrics.

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