Palumbo Superyachts is awarded concession for production site in Savona

Palumbo Superyachts has been awarded, for the second time, the twenty-year concession for the production site in Savona, Italy (ex-Mondomarine).

In 2018, the port authority had already expressed itself in favour of Palumbo Superyachts, but following the appeal presented by the other participants, the management committee of the port authority considered it appropriate to launch a new tender, creating many inconveniences to the entire production and business of Palumbo Superyachts.

Over the past three years of uncertainty, Palumbo Superyachts has always ensured continuity of work, dealing with all the arising problems, including the COVID-19 global pandemic, with professionalism and reliability.

“We can finally say that we are satisfied and look to the future with greater serenity and clarity. The first step will be to resume maintenance and refit activities at full capacity, investing in structural improvements and hiring new staff,” commented Giuseppe Palumbo, sole director of the company. “We have always respected the commitments made and today more than ever we are confident that we will be able to carry out our industrial plan.”

The new course of action foresees the bringing together and reorganisation of all top management. This innovative team will implement the new business plan and proceed with the operational management of the shipyard.

The Savona production site spreads across an area of 30,000 square metres and is equipped with an 820-ton travel lift, seven docks capable of mooring for vessels up to 75 metres (246 feet), hard-standing space for yachts up to 60 metres (196 feet), large warehouses and offices.

Palumbo Superyachts is one of the largest shipbuilding networks and owns the brands ISA Yachts, Columbus Yachts, Mondomarine, Extra Yachts and Palumbo SY Refit. Currently, the group has 11 new superyachts under construction from 30 to 80 metres (98 to 262 feet), and over 450 refit jobs to boats from 30 to 150 metres (98 to 492 feet) are underway in the five shipyards of the Palumbo SY Refit division located throughout the Mediterranean (Ancona, Savona, Naples, Marseille and Malta).

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