Top 10 features and amenities available aboard a private jet

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Just like superyacht design, aviation design is coming on leaps and bounds, with many innovative design features and impressive amenities now in place aboard private jets and luxury airliners to please VIP guests and executives as they travel the world.

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‘Young’ money and Uber-style air travel apps are now opening up the private jet charter market to new passengers, such as fledgling entrepreneurs, socialites and athletes, alongside the more traditional demographic, luxury is being redefined. The private aviation market is therefore evolving to keep up.

With so many luxury features and amenities to consider when chartering a private jet, Yachting Pages presents the top 10 that can be found aboard today’s fleet of private jets and luxury airliners.

1. Luxurious lounges

There is no shortage of space aboard today’s private jets, with over-stuffed sofas, recliner-style seats and personal entertainment consoles carefully configured to transport VIPs in complete comfort, even on the smallest of jets.

Each and every passenger has plenty of personal space, with cabins configured to give guest’s ample legroom and storage space. A trend that is perhaps set to increase further in the future of aircraft interiors, with the gradual decline of traditional bulkheads, walls and ceilings, instead replaced by more spacious and functional spaces that are divided into separate ‘rooms’ or ‘zones’ with clever the use of furniture and materials.

2. Full-size bathrooms

The second most important room aboard any aircraft is for most the bathroom, or lack of. Aboard a private flight, there is no need or wish to rush to use the bathroom: Luxury aircraft are typically equipped with one or more full-sized bathrooms with complete bathroom suites for guest comfort and enjoyment. Guests can take a shower in flight undisturbed so they arrive at their destination looking fresh and alert.

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3. Full-service kitchens

Although private jet passengers will have no need to step into the galley, they can rest assured that behind the scenes, many jets come equipped with full-service kitchens that are stocked with fine foods and beverages. Some guests may therefore choose to hire or bring along their own Michelin-Star chefs, and request their favourite meals and provisions so the jet is stocked ahead of take-off.

4. Dedicated bedrooms

Flat beds are not new to those who are used to flying First or Business Class, in place aboard all commercial airliners. Aboard larger private jets, there are often dedicated ‘bedrooms’ with traditional King-size beds for complete rest and relaxation on board, with master suites just as you would expect to find at home or in your favourite five-star hotel.

5. Meeting rooms and conference facilities

Time spent in the air can, and often must be spent doing business. Some private jets are therefore equipped with meeting rooms and state-of-the-art conference facilities equipped with executive leather chairs, built-in video systems, surround sound and Wi-Fi access.

6. Technology

Beyond the meeting room, the private jet will be full of the latest state-of-the-art technology for guest comfort and entertainment. Private jets come equipped with wide-screen televisions, DVD and Blu-Ray players, surround sound, wireless technologies, hidden devices and ambient lighting to suit the mood on board.

Private jet interior

7. First-class service

For many, the service is one of the biggest draws to private air travel, with a cabin crew on hand to serve passengers every need and desire throughout the entirety of the flight. Not only is the service quicker with requests met on demand, there is no cumbersome in-flight refreshments trolley, loud talking and rustling when you are trying to sleep, or unpleasant odours from in-flight food. Furthermore, the crew will refer to passengers by name, and will likely know a little about their likes and preferences before they step on board.

8. Personalised décor and interiors

On the subject of personalisation, private jet owners are able to design and personalise the interior décor of their jets with the features and materials of their choice. Those that own or charter jets are generally looking for calm and serenity on board. Natural materials and neutral décor is therefore largely popular in luxury aircraft interiors – a far cry from that of the commercial airline cabin. Glass, stone, leather and wood are among the favourite materials found aboard, disguising the fact that passengers are even in the air at all.

9. Custom furniture

Furniture is yet another personal taste, and private jet owners and charter guests can opt to install their jets with furniture to suit their tastes. Alongside leather armchairs that recline and rotate, over-stuffed sofas and king-size beds, custom furniture can be commissioned to create a home away from home. The latest trends include anti-gravitational recliner chairs.

10. Pet accommodation

Another benefit of private air travel for many includes the opportunity to take pets wherever they travel. As long as the necessary documentation and vaccinations are in place, there is typically no limit to the amount of animals that can be taken on board – perfect for those who are planning to be summering on their yacht in the Mediterranean, or cruising the South Pacific islands. For those who own their own jets, features can be put in place to make VIP travel comfortable for furry friends.

With these features and amenities in mind, find out how to choose the right private jet for your travel needs.

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