Picking the perfect superyacht bedding

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Whether you’re working or holidaying on a superyacht, one thing’s for sure - we all want to fall onto a bed with a mattress that’s made just for you, with perfectly plump pillows and a divine duvet.

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However, with everyone having personal preferences when it comes to getting a good sleep, it can be hard to find one size that fits all. So Yachting Pages spoke to Cabin Shop, Sea Emporium and Home Yacht & Linen about superyacht bedding, to find out how to get a seven-star sleep when you decide to hit the hay.

The ingredients for a seven-star sleep

1. Pillow talk

Whether you’re perfectly happy with one pillow or you need more propping up than the princess and the pea, the right one can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep. But it can be tough to please everyone, as Ann West, manager of Cabin Shop points out.

“Finding the right pillow is mainly down to personal preference. We have come across several larger yachts wishing to develop a ‘pillow menu’ that they can offer to guests, but this is obviously dependent on storage”, says Ann, “However, it is a great idea for those that can!”

However, if you’re shorter on storage than some and you want a safe bet for slumber, Ann suggests a hard pillow underneath and soft pillow on top. “This is a good combination if guests wish to read and prop themselves up”.  


2. A marine mattress made in heaven

You’ve got the perfect pillow to rest your head on, but equally as important, is getting the same fit and quality for your mattress. From pocket-springs and latex to memory foam, there’s plenty of choice out there, with manufacturers that will produce custom-made mattresses to get you that seven-star sleep, whether you’re at home or at sea.

“The perfect mattress doesn’t exist”, says Milan Minostnik from Home & Yacht, but choosing a mattress is an essential part of furnishing a yacht. “First-time yacht owners don’t often think about the importance of their mattress because they have many other preoccupations, but it’s only when they get out on to the water that they realise that a good sleep is something that must be accurately thought through.”

Susie Shaw from Sea Emporium recommends a custom-made mattress with metal free springs, as these “provide optimal ventilation of the mattress and can lie on a flat surface without getting mould.”

However, even if you do have a mattress that doesn’t quite fit the bill, all is not lost. Mattress toppers can make a world of difference, and a top tip from Ann at Cabin Shop – “Cover the mattress topper with a fitted mattress protector and this will help to hold the topper in place.”

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3. To duvet or not to duvet on board?

As most superyachts tend to venture to sunnier climes, a duvet is not always necessary as high temperatures can make for a more uncomfortable sleep if you’re under a thick, heavy duvet.

“Make sure the weight of the duvet is lightweight if the yacht is used mainly in hot climates, even if air conditioning is being used”, says Ann. “A heavy weight duvet (especially synthetic) will be unbearably hot.”

In winter, depending on where you’re sailing, you might want a thicker duvet with a higher tog, but in summer, a flat sheet could be enough to keep you cool. Read more on selecting the right bed linens for a superyacht.

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Catering to yacht guests with allergies

Aggravating allergies

One point to be mindful of when it comes to selecting superyacht bedding, is allergens. Down is and always has always been one of the primary pillows of choice, but according to Ann, it can also be an allergen for some. She said, “Down allergy is still one of the highest allergens and there are many people who still suffer strongly. For a charter yacht, it is always a good idea to have a few synthetic pillows on board in case someone is very allergic.”

The same rule can also apply to duvets, however one not as easy to overcome. As Ann already mentioned, synthetic duvets can get temperatures rising on board, so, if you’ve already invested in down or feather duvets, covers or protectors will help to ensure everyone on board is still able to get a great night’s sleep.

Taking care of yacht crew bedding

As much as guests are a priority on board, it’s also important to remember that superyacht crew also deserve to get the best night’s sleep possible. As Ann points out, “The crew bedding and linen should not be where you skimp and try to save on budget. It is essential that they have good mattresses, good bedding and great linens.”

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It’s important to remember for both guests and crew that if mattresses are uncomfortable and cannot be changed, they should be replaced. Mattress, duvet and pillow protectors are also “essential”, says Ann, as they can be washed and changed with ease.  

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